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At eDreams we want to offer the best customer service, not only to help you while you book your next holiday but also to resolve any doubts or questions you may have before, during and after your trip.

If you are one of our customers take a look at our new Help Centre and Customer Service home page.

Alternatively you can contact customer support and there are numerous ways you can do so:

Online Support

Help Centre

Customer Service eDreams page

With our fully responsive page, you’ll be able to find the answers to almost all of your questions regarding your bookings. We’ve also included a Travel alerts section to make sure you’re updated with all the global travel alerts.


Customer Service eDreams Help Centre

You can get online help and send your question directly with our customer claims form. Click on your country to be redirected to the appropriate form:

If your country is not listed above, you may send your query through our International claims form.

Contact via Social Media

You can reach our online customer support team at our social media accounts by sending us a private message with the following details: your booking number, email address used in the booking and query/request described in detail.

Our online support hours are from Monday to Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (GMT).



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  • A dissatisfied customer

    I’ve been waiting for a refund for nearly two months now when I was told it would be within 28 days for a flight to Cork which was cancelled. When I phone now, customer services can’t find any details through my booking reference, name, email or telephone number. Very frustrating, really I can’t imagine how they can get away with this!

    • Hi @adissatisfiedcustomer:disqus, please contact us via Twitter or Facebook with the email you used to book. Our online CS agents will be happy to look into your case. Thanks!

      • Julie Ashmore

        I wasn’t even given a ref number,yet the payment is pending on my debit card,something the bank cannot authorize to cancel. I tried phoning,but was cut off mid way through the conversation. I only have a mobile phone,but the customer service operation is in Spain and at 7pence per minute,is not manageable. The UK number is not in the UK,so makes no difference. I have now had to send you an email,and cannot even consider making any bookings elsewhere,until this is verified and I have a booking reference number. Edreams need to get their act together and treat customers with respect and how they would like to be treated.

        • Hi @julieashmore:disqus, our online CS agents will be able to track your case with the email address you used to book. Can you please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with this information? Thank you!

  • mike davison

    Its disgusting that a company your size has so little interest in your customers. just look at the amount of complaints and issues both here and on trip advisor. I’ve been trying to sort an issue with you for months now and I’m no nearer because you’re just not bothered.

  • Ange Wilson

    My son is now checking in at Valencia airport and they said exactly the same even though he took the email stating he had paid as I thought it was strange on his boarding card. It has now cost money in phone calls and bank transfers to sort it all out – not happy at all!!

    • Hi @angewilson:disqus, as mentioned above, please give us your booking # or contact us via Twitter and Facebook. Our online CS agents would love to look into your sons booking to sort this out. Thanks!

      • Ange Wilson

        My son’s name is Alex Wilson, alexwilson191@hotmail.co.uk and his references are KMW6YJ and MTN3XR. I have emailed an attachment with details showing the payment included baggage allowance both ways to and from Valencia and I thought it was odd that it didn’t show on his boarding card that we printed off for the return journey.

  • Hi @jodieburke:disqus, we apologise for the inconveniences this may have caused you due to a possible technical glitch on our eDreams system. Can you please give us your booking #? You can also contact us via Twitter and Facebook. Our online CS agents would love to help to sort this out. Thanks!

  • Clive West

    Same thing happened to me at Budapest airport. There was a line of people all with the same problem. Still have not been compensated for the extra money I had to pay Ryan air at the airport. It’s been almost 5 weeks now so I’m going to seek legal advice.

  • Hi @billy_johnstone:disqus, we apologise for the inconvenience. Can you please give us your booking # so we our online customer service team can look into this? Thanks!

  • Hi Laura Gingell, I apologise for the delay. I see that you’ve already been in contact with our customer service via Facebook. As the agent mentioned, only one piece of luggage was added to one of your flights. Let us know if you need anything else.

  • Barbora nietschova

    Hi, yes thanks god they said its not an issue at all.. so your one won’t be as well!!

  • nr

    I’ve had a pending refund since August 2013. Which they’re claiming is not their responsibility and the responsibility of the airline, when the airline has said it is absolutely the agent who should refund in this case. I have also spoken to people from OPODO (edreams is the parent company to OPODO) who said he will issue a refund, this is over a year ago. I’ve been waiting for 2.5 years for a refund! It’s actually shameful and I have no idea how they manage to be such a large corporate company yet get away with such ridiculous acts such as ‘cutting off’ or ‘acting like they can’t hear you’…this is just causing stress and havoc that I want to give up but the refund costs are £900+. I mean, it’s one thing to say one second I will have to read through the history, yet another thing to cut me off and just prolong what is mine to return.

  • mike eric

    Last night I booked a flight from wellington nz to cristchurch nz and as you charged me the fee for booking with youse I also received a email stating my flight is pending and then when checked in the morning my flight was unconfirmed and an extra $200 was added to the original price. I was robbed right in front of my own eyes charging people for something they did not receive and judging by all these other comments it would take a miracle to get a refund. So I wont bother but I will blast this issue all over Facebook to warn others of such disgraceful acts that this company is committing…

  • Iacopo Simonelli

    Yesterday my girlfriend, who is from Canada, booked 2 tickets from you for a ryanair flights. I am sorry that my lady is so naive but your policy of misleading advertisement, supported by google, costed us 80 pounds of unnecessary fees. I am morally disgusted by the way you conduct your “business” and I will contact Google to complain about it and I will offer ryanair my help, if need, in their legal battle with you. You should be ashamed on how you conduct your business. For all the other customers, please be aware that they are not providing any service in regards of booking flights, they are just appropriating your money without any shame.

  • Booba Racheed

    I bought a return ticket to Tunis last summer but the airline company cancelled the flight due the incident happened in Tunisia so they sent me an email telling me that the flight is cancelled and they sent a refund to edreams,I keep chasing them since to get my money back , now I m desperate cos I knew from people’s comments that I wasn’t the first one and not gonna be the last neither. cos this company is a really professional in FRAUD .EDREAMS YOU A BUNCH OF THIEVES

  • Adele Vermaak

    tried multiple ways of contacting and checking the status, bugger all!! 24 hours and no rejection, confirmation or anything. Absolute bollocks if you’re in a rush. Also, tried to register online so I can check the status and found no confirmation n registration!! impossible to deal with. screw you

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