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Spring is finally here! The sun starts to heat up, the flowers begin to bloom and the birds sing of joy!

It’s one of the the best moments to photograph Mother Nature which shows its most happiest and colourful side.

To celebrate the arrival of this new season we want to introduce you to some of the most beautiful and lovely  destinations that shouldn’t have any other seasons besides Spring.

Here are the 20 most beautiful places to visit in Spring. Write them down for your next holiday!

1. Goldfield mountains, Arizona (USA)

Montagnes Goldfield Arizona
Source: Flickr (by CEBImagery)


2. Mount Fuji, Honshu Island (Japan)

Mont Fuji au printemps
Source: Flickr (by Furbychan)


3. Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Jardins Amsterdam
Source: Flickr (by Sam DeLong)


4. Corbridge, Northumberland (England)

Coquelicots de corbridge angleterre
Source: Flickr (by Steve)


5. Jerte Valley, Extremadura (Spain)

Valle del Jerte Extremadura Espagne
Source: Flickr (by Antonio)


6. Hangzhou, Zhejiang (China)

Champs de thé Hangzhou Chine
Source: Flickr (by Paul D’Ambra)


7. Central Park, New-York (USA)

Central Park New York
Source: Flickr (by gigi_nyc)


8. Malmö, Scania (Sweden)

Malmo Suede printemps
Source: Flickr (by Oskar Ferm)


9. Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

Bonn Germany
Source: Flickr (© 2014 by Marc Oliver John | marcjohn.de)


10. Yunnan (China)

Yunnan fleurs de colza
Source: Flickr (by Ronald Tagra)


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