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If the head is considered as sacred in Thailand, it’s mainly because it’s the centre of intelligence and spirituality. And Thailand is indeed an extraordinarily spiritual country, where Buddhism permeates almost every aspect of life. To know more about Buddhism and spirituality in Thailand, discover the most important temples and places of worship of the Kingdom.

Fun and Party

If you liked the idea of having your cocktails served in a bucket, set off to Koh Phangan, the island of the world-famous “Full Moon Party”. You’ll find plenty of them, as well as drum’n’bass music and fire skipping ropes.

If you prefer the chilled vibes kind of party, head to the tiny hippie town of Pai in the North of Thailand. Located about 80 km north of Chiang Mai, Pai is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and host the best reggae parties in Thailand.

Superstition and faux-pas

Did you know that it’s bad luck to cut your hair on Wednesday in Thailand? Well, this is one of Thailand’s amazing number of superstitious beliefs that may come across as rather odd to western minds. Want to know more about Thai customs? Check out these 5 curious superstitions.

Food and Drink

Now that you know how to behave at a Thai table, let’s have a look at the wonders of the local cuisine… Thai cuisine is famous all around the globe for its freshness and strong aromatic flavours. Like most cuisines, it can vary strongly from one region to another and is deeply influenced by its neighbouring countries. If you want to discover Thailand’s best dishes, follow our list and open your taste buds.

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