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Fly with Delta Air Lines from Brussels (Belgium) to Douala (Cameroon). Here is an example of the daily flights found for Saturday 24 January 2015 for our customers. To reserve Delta Air Lines flights you have to check the availability for your dates and number of passengers. Select the dates and passengers and click on Search Flight.

Timetable: Brussels Douala - 24/01/2015 (one-way)

Fare: € 1,784.81 Outward journey
From: Brussels (BRU - Brussels National)
To: Los Angeles (LAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport)
Departure: 10:50
Arrival: 20:04
Delta Air Lines DL
81 Delta Air Lines
e-Ticket | Flight: 76W
From: Los Angeles (LAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport)
To: Paris (CDG - Charles De Gaulle)
Departure: 15:45
Arrival: 11:35
Delta Air Lines DL
8553 Delta Air Lines
e-Ticket | Flight: 388
From: Paris (CDG - Charles De Gaulle)
To: Douala (DLA - Douala)
Departure: 11:00
Arrival: 17:25
Delta Air Lines DL
8556 Delta Air Lines
e-Ticket | Flight: 772
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