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Everyone loves to travel, and most people don’t need much encouragement to do it, right? Well there are so many destinations, airlines and hotels vying for your vacation days that they need to come up with attention grabbing advertising just like in any other industry. But travel ads tend to be a lot more entertaining than other commercials, simply because the product is so exciting to begin with. From airlines to beer, hotels to deodorant, and from the 1960s to now, here are some of our favourite travel television commercials

1. British Airways

I myself remember watching this seminal ad as a kid and thinking: wow, that’s really clever how they managed to coordinate all those people. Hailing from the late 80s, the commercial has enduring artistic merit.

2. California, USA

Think California’s all beach bumming and golf? Well, this ad suggests you might be right – watch out for a few famous faces including Rob Lowe, Arnold Schwarzenegger (former California governor) and David Beckham

3. Travel Lodge

Insomnia watch out – these gangster teddies are determined to put a stop to your sleep depriving antics…

4. Lynx

Imagine if a men’s body spray launched an airline? (warning: don’t take this one tooo seriously).

5. Iceland

Since this commercial was aired, there have been reports of tourists bursting into random acts of dancing at the main sites all over Iceland.

6. Air Canada

Remember this guy in the 90s? More to the point, do you remember fax?

7. Estrella Damm

This Spanish beer commercial really makes us want to go to Formentera (as if we needed an incentive). The soundtrack by Billie the Vision & the Dancers is pure summer feel good peace and love – ahhhhhhh!

8. National Express

The coach company’s series of miniature ads is very cute – but we like the teeny bagpipe players in this Edinburgh ad best.

9. Romania

The music, the castles and the beautiful giant make this pure enchantment.

10. Virgin Atlantic

This one reminds us of the opening credits of a Bond movie.

11. Visa

Speaking of James Bond, who better to persuade us of the excitement and exoticism of Bangkok in this Visa commercial?

12. Jet National

Calling all hipsters: this vintage 60s commercial is really “putting us on ;)”

13. Leavenworth, Washington, USA

I had never heard of Leavenworth before I saw this curious ghetto-fabulous-meets-Oktoberfest montage – and now I have. Job done.

14. Utah, USA

Forget Val d’Isère and Verbier – you can go skiing in Utah, or melt in a hot-tub – your choice.

15. Lilt

Everyone in the Caribbean is always happy – well, that’s what years of Lilt adverts have been drumming into their audience’s heads over the years, and I believe them!

Which was your favourite video? Are there any beautiful, amazing or funny adverts we’ve missed? Let us know…

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