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Where in the world do you think the hot destination for 2012 will be? Or what about this year’s top hotel or resort? Maybe there’s a particular activity you and all your friends will be travelling to do. Here at eDreams, we’ve have a few hunches, so check out the blog team’s ideas below…

Angela: “Go to Brazil”

This year I will definitely be going to Brazil. It’s a destination I have always had in my mind and in 2012 it’s still there. I can’t wait to try feijoada with a caipirinha, and then brigadeiro for dessert on Jericoacoara beach. In my opinion this is an essential destination for 2012.

Kim: ” Experience the UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine”

For football lovers, to live the UEFA cup  is one of the greatest experiences ever! This is the first time since 1976 in Yugoslavia that the tournament  has been played in eastern Europe. It will also be the perfect opportunity to combine sports and tourism, as Poland and Ukraine are packed with interesting historical cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Kiev. A poignant visit to Auschwitz is also advised, as well as to the Wieliczka salt mines and Odessa, where they shot the famous scene from Battleship Potemkin. But who will win the Championship? That I can’t tell you…

Millenium Dome by C. G. P. Grey on Flickr

Sophie: “Check-out the London 2012 Olympics
It may seem obvious, but being a Londoner myself originally, I’d have to say London for the 2012 Olympics. People in London have been talking about little else for months and it’s the hottest event on the world calendar. July / August is the best time to visit the capital anyway, and even if you don’t have tickets for the games, it’s worth seeing all the urban regeneration in the East End.

Elisa: “Visit Thailand”
Go there to get to know the culture, see the beautiful temples and immerse yourselves in nature. Word of advice: Alternate cultural visits with complete relaxation on paradisiacal beaches.

Machu Picchu by kudomomo on Flickr


Sam: “Celebrate Machu Picchu’s Centenary”

This year marks the centenary of the discovery of Machu Picchu, and what better way to celebrate than by paying a visit to the most beautiful corner of Peru? Considered a masterpiece, it’s well worth visiting this World Heritage Site.

Yvonne: “Enjoy the Edinburgh Festival”
Edinburgh is my personal top destination for 2012. There is more to Scotland than men wearing skirts, playing bagpipes, or Scots eating haggis and drinking whisky. You will be fascinated by the beautiful uncrowded countryside, the friendliness and warmth of the people and by the historical ruins. 2012 is the perfect year for a trip to Edinburgh, for example, in August you can visit the Edinburgh International Festival. I would love to see ‘Speed of Light’ – or even to participate – when up to 5,000 runners do a choreographed route at night in specifically designed light-suits.

Sunset at Swan Fjord by Daníel Örn on Flickr

Ricardo : “Visit Iceland”

Iceland emerged from bankruptcy to become an example of democracy and citizenship. Here people are valued, and they have really learned to export their culture. Nature here is magnificent: think geysers, icebergs and mountains. This is mingled with a cosmopolitan life-style and great cultural diversity to make this country a 2012 must-visit. Whoever seeks relaxation, inspiration or adventure, will find it in Iceland … And it seems that, from April 2012, there will be low cost flights to Iceland too!

Ina: “Experience eternal summer in Columbia”
Is it freezing in your city? Travel to the other side of the world and take a sip of summer. Get ready to try new and curious looking fruit and dishes, bathe in a Caribbean sea and dance away your nights. You’ll return relaxed, smiley and tanned.

Bogota by Leandro’s World Tour on Flickr

Anna: “See the Northern Lights from a DogSled in Sweden”
I’ve always dreamt of doing a dogsledding tour and seeing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). The thought of experiencing something that looks like magic is very exciting. Eat unusual things like reindeer and crayfish! Do a traditional spa experience and dare to plunge into deep snow brrrrr…

María: “Go to Panama”
A few months ago I read an article about Panama and it’s economy, lifestyle, etc. A few weeks later, I got curious and went to find out what was so special about this country, and its famous Panama Canal. I realised that this is a country worth visiting at least once in your life-time due to the people, their villages away from the hustle and bustle of cities, the pristine white beaches … Do you have an urge to  discover Panama? It’s got culture, history and relaxation all at the same destination.

Do you have any travel recommendations for 2012? Let us know…

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