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Want to wow your friends with a fresh and original Halloween Costume that taps in to the 2011 zeitgeist? Bored of putting some eye-holes in a sheet in a bid to appear ghostly, and don’t want to dust off the old pointy hat for yet another year as a witch? Us too, which is why we’ve compiled this list of oh-so-current costume ideas for you to take to your Halloween party, wherever that may be.

Whether you want to impersonate a pop icon, like Lady Gaga, or dress up as a character straight from the 2011 big screen, like Thor, read on below…

1. Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach

Image by kevin dooley on Flickr

Another year, another edition in the never-ending Pirates of the Caribbean series. On Stranger Tides finds Jack Sparrow on a quest to find the elusive Fountain of Youth. Turns out Blackbeard and his daughter, played by Penelope Cruz, are also keen to get their hands on it.

Pirates as deadly as each other, and with a turbulent romantic past behind them, Jack and Angelica are sexy but rough and ready. Get the look with his and hers baggy white shirts, earth coloured waistcoats, and plenty of fake tan and eyeliner.

2. Amy Winehouse

Image by poisonli on Flickr

This larger-than-life star has always been a popular choice for edgy dress-up, but her tragic recent death means even more will want to pay homage to her this year.

A wig is absolutely obligatory here, done up in a vertiginous beehive. Add a headscarf, lots of bling and fake tattoos – but please avoid serenading your fellow revellers unless you’ve got the voice to match.

3. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Image by Anna Tesar on Flickr

Get ready to swoon (politely, 19th century style) as Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law are set to hit the cinema soon with their Sherlock Holmes sequel, A Game of Shadows. Whether you like the look of Downey Junior as Holmes, or Law as Watson, plenty of tweed is in order. Raid your grandad’s wardrobe for waistcoats, bowler hats, leather gloves and, not to forget the essential Sherlock accessory: a pipe.

4. Smurfs

Image by Rob Boudon on Flickr

The smurfs have always provided a good last minute costume idea because their look is relatively cheap and easy to achieve (on a par with the ever-popular ghost get-up), but the release of their film this year makes them a particularly hot look for 2011. All you need is a white sheet and some blue body paint. However, those who don’t want to walk around half naked in October may prefer to hire a body suit.

5. Lady Gaga

Image by greyloch on Flickr

So many outfits, so little time. For this megastar, everyday is Halloween, but her 2011 Monster Ball tour makes her especially relevant this year. Going to a party with a bunch or girlfriends? Why not all dress up as Lady Gaga? There are enough looks to go round. But essential components include a long, blonde wig, a heavily structured and outrageous dress, and massive sunglasses.

6. Thor

Image by Savvy Pirate on Flickr

The release of the film version with Chris Hemsworth this year makes him current, but the truth is this comic book legend is no stranger to a costume party. Make like the God of Thunder in the movie and grace earthlings with Thor’s presence. Aspiring Thors can opt for the colourful blue, red and gold of the comic books, or the more subdued and tasteful tones of the silver screen character. Either way: you need a moustache.

7. Angry Birds

Image by Nan Palmero on Flickr

If you don’t know what Angry Birds are, you better get to know. The computer game was launched in 2009, but with the total smartphone revolution this year, the i-phone app has truly become an institution.

The beauty of dressing up as these bad-tempered digital characters is that it can be done cheaply – think face paint, a cardboard beak and a very cross expression (note: those who have trouble frowning for long periods of time may want to paint their eyebrows on diagonally to achieve the effect). On the other hand, you could splash out on a body suit like this guy.

8. Captain America

Image by CocteauBoy on Flickr

Hollywood seems to be comic book crazy in 2011 as this other old timer made his debut in cinemas. If you happen to have a stars and stripes flag in your wardrobe, you could fashion a costume from it a la comic. On the other hand, if you prefer the more understated get-up of the film version, think military casuals and a leather pilot cap.

9. Harry Potter – Voldemort

Image by tinyfroglet on Flickr

2011 has brought mixed feelings for Harry Potter fans: excitement at the much anticipated last film, The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but sadness as the Hogwarts saga has finally come to an end. Either way, the movie is a veritable feast for the Halloween Costume hunter. But we think the most ghastly has to be the evil Voldemort. Achieve the look very simply wearing a black gown, and a skin-toned pop sock pulled over your head – we suggest breathing holes.

If you want to find out more about Halloween in the UK or Halloween in Dublin, check out our Dreamguides.

Perhaps you’d liked to check out the festival across the pond – if so, book flights to the United States for October 31st.

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Who do you plan to be?

2 responses to “9 Hot Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

  1. The problem I see  in
    these Angry Birds costume is that they are so thin, it’s like they can easily
    be broken. I’d rather make my own costume than purchase this one. But if I don’t
    have enough time, maybe I will give this a try.

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