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Since November 2003, when the first Movember was celebrated in Australia, the mustached movement has gone global. Movember, which is the portmanteau of the two words mustache and November, asks men worldwide to donate their upper lip and sport a mustache during the month of November. The annual event is celebrated as a way to raise funds and awareness about men’s health issues.

Not only men are taking part in the mustache mania, but also a few airline companies like British Airways. This year the UK’s flag carrier has added a “prim stache” to one of its Airbus A319. Pilots and cabin crew will also be supporting the cause aboard British Airways flights with their own, whether it be the handlebar, fu manchu, or reminiscent of Salvador Dali.

british airways movember
image source: British Airways official Facebook page

Along with British Airways, Qantas has also added their own version to one of its Boeing 737 with the superscript promoting the official Movember website.

qantas movember
Image source: Qantas official Facebook page

Will you be donning your own this Movember?

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