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Another year passes by and we’ve come up with an updated study about the Best Airports in the world. This year we analyzed over 65,000 customer reviews made during 2016 to generate the long-awaited ranking and we’re ready to announce the winner.

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was considered the best airport of the world according to eDreams travellers! The airport of the Finnish capital had the best score as a result of their efficiency and cleaning standards among other good remarks.

Do you want to know which other airports are part of the top 10? Click on the banner below to know the full list of the “Best Airports in the World”.

best airports study

After analyzing the results a bit more, we were able to rank the airports in the following categories: shopping, eating and waiting areas.

The shopaholics ranked the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport as the best one, while the foodies considered the Dallas/Fort Worth airport as the number one, with the Zurich and Frankfurt airports completing the podium. As for the best airport for waiting areas, the title goes once more to Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

aereoporto tel aviv
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. (Photo by Vladislav Bezrukov via Flickr)

The worst airports in the world in 2016

Sometimes the experience in an airport is not the best… Taking into account the opinions of eDreams travellers we were able to come up with a list of the worst airports in the world and this award goes to the Berlin Schönefeld airport, followed by London Luton airport in second place and New York LaGuardia airport in third.

aeroporto berlino schonefeld
Berlino Schönefeld airport (Photo by Neil H via Flickr)

Did you use one of the airports included in our study? Leave a comment and tell us your experience! 

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