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We travel because it inspires us, it teaches us new things about ourselves or it reminds us of old selves. When we travel we keep our eyes open and get excited about every little thing, from the shape of the buildings, to the lights in the street and the way people talk in the bus. We travel because we want to see how other people live, what they eat, how they party.

Yet sometimes, being a tourist is exactly what stops you from getting to the heart and spirit of a city or a new place. You pick the restaurants in the tourist guides, you take photos of the monuments, maybe even visit museums. You do the things you’re supposed to do in that city.

You do what everyone does when they visit that particular place. You take the same photos, follow the same routes.

We want more. We want you to help us break city stereotypes and help share the beauty and flavours of the places you visit (or live in!)

Today we launch our first video from the Breaking  Stereotypes series, featuring Barcelona’s clichés and hidden treasures and the new blog design. We’re planning more surprises in this direction: talking with more travellers, creating city guides based on recommendations from our community and in general getting you closer to all those weird and wonderful places around the world.

The video is made by the very talented Ogmius Audiovisuals, based in Barcelona.

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

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