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We’ve had a taste of what 2016 will look like for a few weeks now and most of us have already started to forget about our new years resolutions. Although there’s still a whole year ahead of us to keep them, we’re pretty sure that we won’t fulfil most of them. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault! The problem is that your resolutions weren’t properly set. You just have to commit to fulfil one of your wishes so all the rest come true. What wish? It’s obvious… to travel more! Make all your travel wishes come true!

We’ve decided in eDreams that we’re going to help you travel more this year! That’s why we’re giving away 3 discount vouchers worth £150 for Flight+hotel bookings in our first campaign of the year; start your year by travelling! 


How to Enter?

– Enter our Low Cost Guides page of our eDreams International site

– Choose which city you’d like to visit in 2016

– Enter your personal information in the contact form of the city page

– For every you enter your information in, you’ll get an extra chance to win. The total number of participations for each participant is 9.


The Prize consists of vouchers to be used and claimed on our UK, French, German, Spanish and Italian websites.

– 3 x £150 (200€) discount vouchers to use in Flight+Hotel reservations.

For  more information, see our Terms & Conditions for our “#2016ForgetResolutions” campaign.

(Updated February 5, 2016)

Here are the winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of the sweepstakes. We hope you enjoyed it and most importantly, we hope you know where you want to go this year.


We’re pleased to announce the lucky winners of £150 discount vouchers for flight+hotel bookings. Congrats to the winners!

  • Chamarry Sylvie
  • Carmen Bravo Garcia-Cuevas
  • Marius Fischer

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