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This year, in eDreams, our aim is to change travel related statistics. Will you help us do it and turn the world around?

The first mission of our Turn the World Around (TTWA) campaign tries to raise awareness for 5 of the less visited places on Earth. Let’s show the world how beautiful their landscape, people and culture, flora and fauna are and defy current statistics.

For six weeks from now on, we’ll be revealing a new exotic and very little visited place in the world and give you the opportunity to win a trip for 2;  if you can get enough stamps on your virtual passport in our newest travel game: The TTWA Mission.

Win a trip for 2 to Madagascar

The first of the 5 less travelled places TTWA will try to raise awareness for is Madagascar.  One of the largest islands in the world,  located on the southeastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is what you might call Paradise. It has a hugely diverse fauna and flora and a very pleasant climate.

But don’t just stand there reading, get a travel mate, create a virtual passport and get to see it for yourself.

Can you guess what the next destinations are?

Pssst! Are you on Twitter? Tweet with us @edreams_en with the #TTWA hashtag!

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