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Plan a vacation: Check! Book your tickets: Check! Wait as patiently as you can for your travel date to arrive: Check! Get to the airport: Check! In a perfect world, the next steps, from airport arrival to boarding the plane and flight time is all smooth sailing and you arrive at your dream destination relaxed and ready for an epic vacation.

Though we’re all optimistic and wishful thinkers at eDreams, the truth is, some airlines are better than others at delivering a pleasant traveling experience. So, which airlines are the best? We’ve dug deep and taken our customers’ reviews – more than 90,000 of them – to figure out which airlines are top-rated and are proud to announce the results of eDreams annual study, Best Airlines 2014.

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eDreams Study Results

In eDreams 2012 and 2013 results, Singapore Airlines has stood out from the competition to claim the number one spot for Best Airlines. This year, however, another Asian company has taken the top spot and won the hearts of most of our eDreams travellers: Emirates Airlines! With a score of 4.24 from a top score of 5 , Emirates is the best overall, but has also seen victory in the following specific categories: Cleanest and Most Modern, In-Flight Entertainment, Flight Attendant Service, Luggage Handling and VIP Lounge.

Emirates Airlines
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In second place for overall Best Airline is Swiss International Airlines with a score of 4.18 and Lufthansa, another European powerhouse, with a score of 4.17. Swiss International Airlines is also considered the most comfortable, but if travelling with children, eDreams travellers recommend Czech Airlines for the best in-flight experience.

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Have you flown on any of the top airlines in our study results? Tell us which airline is your favorite in the comments below and b and be sure to get the full details of what eDreams customer reviews revealed and check out the full study results!

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