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eDreams continues its expansion with the launch of ten new international sites in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and Thailand. The new sites will bring more geographical diversity to its business and expand its presence in five continents, reducing the dependence on traditional markets.

These ten attractive markets have enormous growth potential and in some of them, eDreams is the first online travel agency (OTA) to operate in the country. This is the case in the UAE, Indonesia, and the Philippines. But the most important, for both emerging markets and the most established in terms of online travel, such as South Africa, New Zealand or Singapore, is that eDreams will position itself as an attractive option for users as it will offer very competitive prices with a wide range of services.

According to eDreams’ co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Mauricio Prieto, “the launch of the ten new sites is a very ambitious action, part of the company’s strategic plan; we intend to strengthen our international presence in markets such as Africa, and empower other markets to which we have expanded recently, like Australia and Asia.” Mauricio also adds that “in these ten countries we have identified a significant demand for our website, so we know that our offers are very attractive and competitive.”


There are several reasons for the online travel agency to choose these ten countries. Two of them are mature in the use of electronic commerce and have a high online penetration, such as Singapore’s which is at about 85%.

It is also worth noting that all of these countries account for 121,829,000 Internet users. In addition, during 2011 eDreams detected an increase of 134% of reservations from these countries, whose market in terms of ticket bookings is enormous.


In all of these countries eDreams offers its three popular products: flights, hotels, dynamic packages flight + hotel. The webpages will be adapted to each country in terms of language, creativity, currency, local airlines (both traditional and low cost, especially important in Southeast Asian markets, etc). All sites will use English as the language, except for Morocco, where French will be used.

With the expansion, the online travel agency eDreams will cover all relevant markets in the world that are accessible to the following supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Launch of the spanish version of the US website

Apart from launching ten new sites, eDreams will strengthen its presence in the United States with the launch of its Spanish language site. Through this, the company will try to strengthen the presence of the online travel agency in the United States’ Hispanic community.  And with it, opening the possibilities of expanding eDreams to Latin America, where users can make online purchases in dollars rather than in local currency.

Meanwhile, in its ongoing commitment to innovation, eDreams continues to make enhancements to their search engine, booking tools, reservations, charging, billing, and also, after sales control with the aim to offer its customers the best service.

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