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So what exactly makes an airport top notch? For starters, comfortable and clean waiting rooms are always appreciated. Customers also seem to appreciate great dining options so they can eat, drink and be merry. And of course, who could forget great shopping to help pass the time before boarding on a flight?

Some airports are most definitely better than others in terms of service, comfort and overall satisfaction. Lucky for all of you, we’ve taken all of our customers’ reviews and published our fourth annual Best Airports in the World Study! This year’s results are a bit different from the former years, with new airports taking the top spots. To compare results and check out our previous years’ best airport studies, check out  2013 and 2012 results.  But first, let’s see who the big winners are for 2014!


eDreams Best Airports in the World Study Results

The top winner for the title of Best Airport this year is Düsseldorf Airport! Customers rated it best overall, but the airport also received top accolades claiming the number two position in the category of Best Airports for Dining and the number 5 position in the category for Best Airport Waiting Rooms. Other airports included  on this list to complete the top 5 in this category are: San Francisco International Airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Narita International Airport and Changi International Airport.

Dusseldorf Airport
Collage created with photos by: Lordcolus, and Verdienter Kunstler via Flickr

The airport that wins for  best dining is Changi International Airport. With gourmet food and diverse dining options that include fresh sushi and seafood, it is easy to see why customers enjoy dining at Changi. Luxury shopping and waiting room comfort is also in this airport’s favour as customers rated their shopping options and waiting rooms top notch, winning Changi the number one spot in this category as well.

Changi Airport
Photo collage created with photos by Sanctu and Peter Nguyen via Flickr

Knowing which airports ranked the worst is just as important as knowing which ranked the best, and this year, Rio de Janeiro International Airport remains the worst airport in the world with a score of 2.93. Delayed luggage and overall chaos were to blame for the low scores. Some of the other worst airports include Berlin Schönefeld Airport and Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport. Be sure to check out the full study results for the remainder list of the worst and the best of airports according to eDreams customers for 2014.

Have you travelled through any of the best airports? Drop us a line and tell us about your experience!

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