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eDreams’ new service, Travel Buddy, delivers a never-before seen personalized travel experience.

eDreams, the world’s largest online flight distributor, receives 14,000 requests every year to offer users a more “personalized experience”. This company is all about giving customers what they want, and also continues its expansion. The result: The launch of a new personalized service, Travel Buddy. An assigned, real and live person to follow you wherever you go on your journey. After all, who doesn’t want a travel buddy!?

eDreams new approach to a personalized travel experience is due in part to the evolution of technology, which has increased consumers’ expectations and demands in the following areas: Time (users want to interact anywhere at any time), Value (do things that create value for them), Customization (expect to have all their data stored to be targeted precisely) and Simplicity (they expect user-experience to be easy).


We’ve encouraged our users in eDreams to share, compare and rate experiences and because of this, we want to deliver a full complementary service for the perfect travel experience, which will cover all of the aforementioned areas in the following ways:

Time: Our customers will now have a travel companion that will be available for them at any time and at any place. Why use a travel guide book when you can have an agent that will travel with you and guide you every step of the way?

Value & Customization: They will have a full travel experience adapted to their interests and needs. Long gone are the days when you have to plan or overthink! With eDreams’ new service, someone will now do all of the thinking for you.

Simplicity: It’s as simple as ticking a box in our check out process and our follower will be ready to travel! Forget about hiring different guide tours for your vacation because with just one click, you’ll have one full travel guide!



What do you think? Our travel buddies are very excited to travel with you and show you around the world! 

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