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However sad it may be, we have to admit that most us of live literally stuck to our cell phones, but sometimes our phones can get us out of a tough situation, especially when it comes to traveling. With apps we can easily communicate with our fellow travel buddies, convert currency and find out the best bars in town. Here is a list of free travel apps for your mobile which will come in very handy on your next trip.

travel apps


This is the perfect app to know which sites are the most popular in any city. It gives you maps, pictures and information on hundreds of cities worldwide which you can look up even if you aren’t connected to the internet. Once you’re at your destination, the app suggests new and original places to discover as well as the more traditional side of the city: restaurants, hotspots…etc. All in the offline mode! You can also use TouristEye to plan your next trip by saving cities to your wishlist.

Google Maps

This app is essential to not get lost. Besides telling you exactly where you are, you can plan routes, check the distance between two points and get directions to a particular location using public transport, by bike, walking or by car. If you are traveling by car, Google Maps shows you the traffic in real time. And if all of that isn’t enough, you can also use the app’s GPS function for step-by-step directions. Perfect for anyone with zero sense of direction.

Google maps app

Hotel Tonight

If you are a spontaneous traveler and don’t have a preset itinerary, this is a good app to keep in mind because it allows you to make last minute hotel reservations. You can choose accommodation based on several criteria: photos, price, user reviews… It’s an especially useful app if you have to extend a trip or if you want to go on an impromptu getaway.

Google Goggles

This app is made up of an enormous database where you can look nearly anything up with just a photo. Aim your camera phone at a bar-code, monument, a sign in a foreign language or a QR code, and the app will give you information about it. It recognizes paintings, books, records, famous places…it can even solve sudokus!

Google goggles app

XE Currency

Simple but useful, this app converts any type of currency so that you don’t have to do the math in your head or get a surprise on your bank statement. Perk: it works offline.


Evernote acts like a travel diary, or travelogue, where you can save notes, itineraries or any type of document that you will need during your trip. It accepts various types of file formats and you also can sync it with other devices and get the information offline. You can officially leave the house feeling organized!

Google Translate

You won’t get lost in translation if you have this app on your phone. The translator helps you with those words you don’t understand or simply don’t know how to pronounce in a different language. If you travel to a country where you can’t communicate, you just have to record what you want to say and the app does the translation for you. You can type using the keyboard or directly with your finger on the screen. Even better, no internet connection is needed to use it.


Foursquare’s app helps you find restaurants, bars, shops, museums and points of interest wherever you may be. The app takes your profile data to suggest places that you will like. Also, when you go to a new place you can see recommendations from other users who have been there before you (activities, food, what to see and do…).

foursquare app


And finally, we can’t leave out our own app! Find the cheapest flights on the go using the eDreams app, which searches and compares the best prices for the flights you want and then in just a few steps you can book them right through your smartphone. With the app you can also check your trip’s itinerary, add your holiday to your phone’s calendar and share the details with your friends. You can also make book hotels and rent a car right through the app.

edreams app

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