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Here are the 12 photographers who will help us select the best Instagramers participating in #myspringram!

Coming from all over the world, our juries are architects, bloggers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs … but what they do have in common is their passion for photography. And even though you might already know what you´re doing, here are their words of advice on how to create stunning photos.

From France…

Romain / @romainworldtour

Romain traveled around the world in 2008. He is a travel blogger (romainworldtour) and video enthusiast, who has won numerous prizes such as City Blogging Tour Accor and the Golden blog awards. Here is what he has to say:

“Sometimes bland colors have a lot to reveal: do not hesitate to test all the filters before submitting your photo and trying your luck.”

Mylène / @mylene_fds

Mylène is a big iphonography (iphone photography) fan from Paris. She is a talented photographer who won the first prize in our contest # mywintergram. Here is his advice for those of you participating in #myspringram :

“It is important to see things from a different perspective. You should always pay attention to details that surround you because inspiration is everywhere. According to me, the angle of your shot determines the originality of your photograph. I know its a cliché, but if you have a look and play with the light from different angles, you will get some amazing photos.”

From Germany…

Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk / @smaracuja

Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk is a travel blogger, photographer and bouncy ball world champion from Germany. Since 2011, she has been documenting her travels on her blog Smaracuja and on Instagram. And this is her advice:

“I like those Instagram shots that somehow surprise me, that make me want to take a closer look or say ´ That’s where I want to go too!´. That´s why I think its important to describe exactly where the picture was taken and in what context. I like to find out more about the person behind the account. When it comes to my own images, I always try not to edit too much. One filter is enough. Don´t manipulate the colors too much, the image should speak for itself. Less is more. “

Christian Mutter / @aufgetaucht

Christian is a journalist from Berlin. He has been using Instagram since 2010 and believes that mobile photography is ideal for the formation of the photographic eye! Here are his tips:

“Try to play with the light. Good photos are always created when the light plays along. You can create fascinating back-lit or front-lit pictures this way. Right now, in spring, the sun shines right on the horizon (at least here in Berlin ^ ^) and then all you really need to do is go out, look around, and shoot like crazy. Good luck!”

From Spain…

Luis Rodriguez / @Luison

Luis is an architect with his own studio who is hooked on iPhone photography. He is an ambassador of EyeEm in Madrid and a member of YOUmobile. Luis has also organised workshops and has held lectures at the First Congress of Instagramers of Torrevieja. Recently, he was awarded the Mobile Photography Award for two of his photographs. Here is his advice:

“You should participate in this contest for fun, not obligation. So choose the subjects that inspire you and that convey the emotion you want “.

Gabriel Samper / @kainxs

Gabriel is a mobile photography enthusiast who has changed his life through Instagram. He is also the creator and organizer of the First Congress of Instagramers # Torrevieja2012, co-founder of FIE, manager of Instagramers Alicante and member of AMPt.


From Portugal…

Bruno Ribeiro / @sinched

Residing in Lisbon, Bruno is a documentary and portrait photographer… Here are his tips!

“As a professional photographer and Instagram user, I recommend # myspringram participants to be as original as they can. I’m not saying this to annoy you. Remember, if the original photo is no good, the final image filtered by Instagram will not be any good either! Try to seize the moment, and use your intuition. A successful Instragram composition is 80% capture and 20% editing. ”

Ana Morais / @ana_morais

A journalist, photographer and blogger from Portugal, Ana is invited regularly to numerous publications; her blog “did Língua Tapas” is well appreciated in the blogosphere.


From Italy…

Ilaria Barbotti / @ilarysgrill

Passionate about photography in all its forms, Ilaria is one of the founders of the Italian Instagram Community. She also organizes many photography related events and exhibitions. Here are some of his tips:

” Contrary to what people might think, to photograph well and be followed on Instagram requires great effort. Aside from being patient and dedicated, you also need to have a “photographic eye”.You need to know how to choose the right subject for your photos and you must try to create your own identity or style that gets reflected in your work … Another tip: it is always good to use a hashtag to specify what appears in the photo, as well as mentioning the city itself where the image was shot. For instance: # paris #pariscoucherdesoleil. “

Fabio Lalli / @fabiolalli

Passionate about new media and technology, Fabio is a visionary entrepreneur. He founded Follogram and is also the CEO of IQUII. His objective is to contribute to the extension of digital culture by means of social media platforms such as Instagram.


From the UK and the USA …

Chrysti Hydeck / @chrysti

Christy is a versatile artist; she is a writer, a photographer and a professor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She now has over 170,000 followers on Instagram!

Finn Beales / @finn

A photographer from Wales, Finn has received numerous awards (including the Mobile Photo Award 2013) for his work; he is also a Suggested User on Instagram. Here are some tips he´s shared with us on how to shoot amazing photographs :


Placing the most important part of a picture dead center in the frame isn’t often that appealing. Imagine the frame is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally – try placing important elements (people, features in the landscape) along the intersections of these lines. It leads to a more interesting looking image. The technique is called the Rule of Thirds.
Try exposing your pictures to a mid-tone and bringing back areas that you want to highlight during processing. If you’re shooting on an iPhone double tap an area on the screen that is closest to the midpoint between black and white (i.e grey). This will give you the best exposure for all the elements in the frame. Then use an image editing app (e.g. Afterlight or Snapseed) to bring back or knock back areas of the image that you want to highlight. The technique is called dodging and burning “.

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