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On the 2nd October 2017, Monarch Airlines announced it had ceased trading and all scheduled Monarch Airlines flights have been cancelled as a result.

If you are currently abroad and your return flight has been cancelled, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority will arrange a new flight home at no extra cost to you. This will be scheduled as close as possible to your original return date and time, and you should be given notice at least 24 hours in advance. Please refer to Monarch’s My new flight pages for more information.

If your new flight details are not published, please ensure you arrive at the airport three hours before your original departure time.

monarch airlines

Alternatively, if you are in the situation where a future trip is scheduled with Monarch Airlines through eDreams, we can help you book replacement flights. Unfortunately, there will be a separate cost for these flights as they will need to be booked with another airline. However, we will waive any eDreams service fees.

If you would like to book a replacement flight for a future trip, or need further assistance, please contact us.

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