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What is it?


eDreams is very happy to introduce to you our new Help Centre page. We’ve replaced our Frequently Asked Questions, Customer Support and Contact pages and merged them to answer all of your questions in a clear, professional and exhaustive manner. The Help centre also contains our contact information you may need and allows you to check the status of your booking. 

For eDreams, this is a new way of communicating with you; proof that we put your needs first and want to make your trips go exceptionally smooth and pleasant.

What will you find in our Help Centre Page? 

New self-service feature: Can’t find your booking confirmation email or invoice?  Fill-in our contact forms and we’ll get back to you.


Travel Alerts section: Strikes? Air traffic disruptions? No worries, we’ll keep you updated in our new Travel Alerts section.


Search engine: A more powerful search engine so you can easily find what you’re looking for!


Customer service: Driving a car and operating a boat is obviously not the same, is it? In the same way, booking a flight and a cruise is not the same thing. That’s why we have set up different ways for you to contact us depending on your request and the type of service you have booked. Your satisfaction is our priority and we want to ensure that our best specialist assists you.


Fully responsive: A last-minute question came to mind on your way to the airport? Don’t worry, visit our Help Centre on your smartphone or tablet!


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