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Do you have a flight with Ryanair scheduled for the following months? It’s possible that your flight has been cancelled…

The Irish company has decided to cancel an average of 40 to 50 flights per day over the next 6 weeks because they misjudged the holidays planning of the pilots.

This means that in total more than 2 thousand flights will be cancelled until the 22nd of October and there are 400,000 clients affected by this situation.

Update: Yesterday Ryanair announced that they’ll need to cancel more flights until March 2018 and also suspend 34 routes* during the winter – from November to March – in order to fix all the problems.

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How to know if your Ryanair flight has been cancelled?

You can check the list of cancelled flights on the Ryanair website.

Ryanair also sent an email to all the clients affected with instructions on how to proceed, so if you didn’t receive an email about the cancellation of your upcoming flight, it means it’s operating as normal and you’re good to go.

How to change your cancelled flight or ask for a refund if you’ve booked with Ryanair?

Ryanair provides two options to solve this problem: a full refund (processed within 7 working days) or changing the flight free of charge.

In both cases you should visit the Ryanair website, pick the preferred option, enter your reservation number/email address and follow the instructions described on the page.

How to ask for a refund or change the Ryanair flight if you’ve booked with eDreams?

In case you’ve booked with eDreams and want to modify your Ryanair flight, you should follow the same steps as described in the previous point.

In case you want to ask for a refund, you need to follow the process on Ryanair’s website. Once Ryanair replies to your refund request, you might need to contact us based on the airline’s instructions.

List of Ryanair cancelled flights during the winter

1. Bucharest – Palermo
2. Chania – Athens
3. Chania – Pafos
4. Chania – Thessaloniki
5. Cologne – Berlin (SXF)
6. Edinburgh – Szczecin
7. Glasgow – Las Palmas
8. Hamburg – Edinburgh
9. Hamburg – Katowice
10. Hamburg – Oslo (TRF)
11. Hamburg – Thessaloniki
12. Hamburg – Venice (TSF)
13. London (LGW) – Belfast
14. London (STN) – Edinburgh
15. London (STN) – Glasgow
16. Newcastle – Faro
17. Newcastle – Gdansk
18. Sofia – Castellon
19. Sofia – Memmingen
20. Sofia – Pisa
21. Sofia – Stockholm (NYO)
22. Sofia – Venice (TSF)
23. Thessaloniki – Bratislava
24. Thessaloniki – Paris BVA
25. Thessaloniki – Warsaw (WMI)
26. Trapani – Baden Baden
27. Trapani – Frankfurt (HHN)
28. Trapani – Genoa
29. Trapani – Krakow
30. Trapani – Parma
31. Trapani – Rome FIU
32. Trapani – Trieste
33. Wroclaw – Warsaw
34. Gdansk – Warsaw

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