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If you are a Ryanair frequent flyer, you will be pleased to know that as of February 1, 2014 you are able to reserve a seat on any of their aircraft. The Irish company has decided to operate all its flights with assigned seats; the pre-allocation of places will be free, but for a small fee passengers can also select where they want to sit ( € 10 for a “premium seat” located at the front of the plane, and € 5 for a “standard seat”).

ryanair cabin
source: bigpresh/flickr

The manager of the low-cost airline, John Alborante, said: “All customers can now enjoy assigned seats on all flights. We are listening to our passengers and responding to their requests, so they can continue to benefit from lower fares and more on-time flights. “

As of December 1, 2013, Ryanair has reduced the fees for checked baggage, while also offering passengers the possibility of taking a second piece of hand luggage free of charge. The company has also made some website improvements to facilitate the booking process for their customers.

By effectuating these changes, Ryanair aims to focus more on improving the quality of service, while placing less emphasis on reducing costs.


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