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Did you win a trip to an exotic island but you have no idea where you’ll sleep? Or maybe you decided to spend a few more days in that city that stole your heart?  Stranded in a city overnight and don’t feel like sleeping in the airport?

ReallyLateBooking is a smartphone app that allows you to book a cozy hotel for a fraction for the original rooms cost.

Available for Android and iPhone, the app helps you find free rooms in hotels. The  app lets you search by city (it covers the major cities in Spain, plus a few big European capitals) and by price.

What about you? What are your tips for when stranded or spontaneous  in a foreign city?

One response to “The App for Last Minute Hotel Bookings: Really Late Booking

  1. It can be a great tool, especially when you’re already on your trip or, like when you desperately need a hotel on location.

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