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Have you ever had problems at a particular airport? Would you like to know if the services are good at an airport you will be using this year? eDreams has just released the results for the best airport in the world for 2010. 30,000 customer reviews of airport facilities were used to compile the results.

As you can see the top rated and eDreams best airport of 2010 is Dubai Airport which is praised for its design and space. If you read on, you can find out which airport got the best rating for its services, such as eating out facilities, transport, waiting lounges and visa and immigration facilities. The results showing the worst airport of 2010 are also published.

This is an interesting way to prepare for your next trip as you will know what to expect from the airport you are passing through. It may even make you think twice about booking flights with a connection at a certain hub or travelling to a destination with a terrible airport. If you don’t have any other option, at least you can prepare for the experience at the airport.

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