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The III eDreams Marnaton Cup starts off with a bang after this Saturday’s successful Marnaton in Barcelona (I Marnaton eDreams Barcelona). The event took place in Catalonia’s capital and was received with a lot of enthusiasm both by locals and tourists, with over 700 swimmers participating in the challenge and a great number of curious visitors stopping by to experience the excitement first-hand. Even the sun played its part, and the warm water temperature of 17 º C persuaded many brave individuals to go swimming without a wetsuit!



The open water event, sponsored by Marnaton and the Barcelona Swimming Club, gave participants the option of signing up for individual (men & women) or team challenges, where they had to cover a stretch of 2 km off the beach of San Sebastian.


For the women’s individual swimming challenge, 121 swimmers participated. The first swimmer to reach the finish line after less than half an hour was Esther Nuñez (00:25:57), followed by Minerva Pujol (00:28:03) and Elisenda Llorens (0:28:17).

Over 320 advanced swimmers participated in the men’s individual swimming challenge, with Damian Blaum winning the race (00:25:02), followed by Gerard Morato (00:26 : 15) and Alberto Juidías (0:26:31) .

Out of the 48 teams that signed up for the team challenge, Radikal ( Esther Nuñez , Suñer Miquel , Alex Amoros y Dani Serra) ( 1:51:23 ) won the first prize, with Natación Club Barcelona (Blanca Oliveres , Arxe Ines , Maria Cerezo y Gerard Morato) (1:51:23) and Los Batavos (Elisenda Llorens , Jordi Herrera , Didac Iglesias y Alejandro Flores) coming in second and third .

At the end of a very long and exhausting day, all participants were invited for an after party at Barcelona´s Swimming Club – a great way to conclude the successgful start of the III eDreams Marnaton Cup!

The next challenge – II eDreams Begur

The III eDreams Marnaton Cup continues on June 9th with the II Begur Marnaton (II Marnaton eDreams Begur).

Make sure you don’t miss it! 


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