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Good ideas are best served warm, then shared! We’ve strolled the online travel blogosphere in search for the best travel ideas this week and found some really interesting things out there. Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite.

Pack Some Healthy Travel Snacks

Next time you pack your bags, pack some healthy snacks too. Celery Sticks and peanut butter, baby carrots and sour cream or any veggie chips and sour cream, just like Nike from Choose to Thrive does.

yogurt and apple chips

Print Your Own Airplane Favours

If you’re travelling with kids and have reasons to believe your cuties might transform into monsters after one or two hours of being trapped on a plane, pack some sweets for the person “lucky” enough to sit next to you to show you’re aware that your little ones can be monsters, and you care about your neighbour enjoying their flight too.

A great idea and a free printable from cake.

printable airplane favours

Use the Hotel Shower Cap to Protect Your Clothes and Shoes

This idea from Real Simple is perfect for those travellers who just don’t use the shower caps provided by the hotels but love their shoes. The cap protects your shoes from being scratched and the other items in your bag coming into contact with the streets you’ve been walking on.

use a shower cap to protect your shoes

Bring Your own Cutlery

Ideal for those on-the-go meals: your own cutlery set that’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand when closed. From the Bento Shop.


The Travelling Tea House

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour is a caravan travelling from place to place, selling take-away tea in South Africa.  Isn’t it just awesome?

the travelling tea parlour

Like these ideas? Drop us a comment below. Have you written an interesting post? Send us your link and we might feature it on our blog.

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