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3. Bitten by the Travel Bug (@NicoleTravelBug )

eDreams: What’s the thing you love most about travel?

Nicole: I love the adventure that travel brings. Whether it be a new friend, new food, discovering a magical place, or finding hidden beauty – it’s captivating, exhilarating and continues to draw me back to getting on a plane!

Why do you blog?

I blog for… well, a number of reasons. I blog to improve my grammar, to produce an online portfolio, for the adventure, but most all I blog for the connections; Whether it be connections with other bloggers, locals, or readers looking to me to inspire them, people are the reason I remain motivated and enjoy what I do.

Can you recommend 2 other travel blogs you like?

I really like reading Pack Your Passport written by Beverley, a British girl who packed up and moved to Australia (and now New Zealand!) I also enjoy reading Don’t Ever Look Back which chronicles the travels of Kieron and Amy, an Australian couple, as they take on the world.

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