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Hi there,

If you got here you might be our next t-shirt designer! How exciting!

This summer, eDreams together with 12designer says: design a travel inspired tshirt and win $1000 cash!

In case you didn’t know about them yet, 12designer is the European market leader for creative crowd sourcing and design contests. 15,000+ creatives are ready to solve projects by submitting proposals in contests for logo, flyer, web design, t-shirts or even naming and multimedia! The client publishes a project, sets the prize, receives dozens of ideas and buys just the best design!

We’d like to remind you that you’ll have to use the eDreams logo squares in your design, and your design should be somehow travel related, but otherwise you are free to create and amaze us.

Think fresh, awesome, funny.

Here are some frequently asked questions below, but feel free to ask more in the comments section. Good luck!

1. Where can I get the eDreams logo squares?

You can download them from here: eDreams squares.

2. Do I have to use the same colours in the eDreams logo?

You don’t have to, but it would be nice if you could play with those.

3. Is there a theme for the design?

Yes, a very broad one: travel.

Pssst! Do you know a good designer? Share this post with him or her!

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