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Summer is without doubt the most popular time for most of us to travel, escape, and disconnect for a few days or weeks. Due to the famously unpredictable weather in the UK, most Brits head straight for sunnier climes abroad without even thinking about it. In fact, many of them will have booked cheap flights months in advance.

But where do other Europeans go? What are the most popular destinations for breaks in July and August? Do people tend to travel alone? With a partner? Or along with the whole family? See below and read on to find out…


Bookings made by eDreams customers for July and August clearly show that beach tourism is generally Europeans’ favouirite type of summer holiday. But more specifically, English, French and German tourists flock to international destinations. These include European and North African capitals, and not just seaside locations. In contrast,  the Spanish and Italians, blessed with their own, home-grown sunny beaches, head to their national islands. Italians opt for Sicily and Sardinia,  while the Spanish go for Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Menorca.

For summer 2011, flights to Lisbon were popular with both British families and couples, but they also visited places as diverse as Athens, Barcelona, Malaga and Milan. The first choice for French couples and families was Barcelona, but they also headed to Portugal and North Africa, particularly Marrakesh and Tunisia. Germans continue to be in love with Palma de Mallorca, which took the top spot for both couples and families. But they visited destinations famed for culture, art and architecture too, including London, Athens, Istanbul and Lisbon.


Although July and August are clearly the most popular months, certain weeks within these were preferred by different types of travellers. Couples tended to go for the first week of the month, especially the 1st-6th August. Families seem to prefer the one after, flying between the 7th-13th. But overall, the most popular day for eDreams customers to start their summer holidays was Monday 8th.

Where did you go for your summer holidays? Did your experiences match-up with our findings? Let us know here, on Twitter @ edreams_com, or our Facebook page

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