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Book cheap flights at the best price with eDreams

Do you want to treat yourself during your holidays but don't want to sacrifice all your budget on your plane tickets? Then, you are in the right place! Take advantage of the expertise of the largest travel agency in Europe and enjoy the best prices for your flight tickets. The eDreams latest-generation search engine allows you to discover hundreds of airline offers so you can compare and choose the best deal that fits your planning thanks to our advanced filters.

Book cheap flights at the best price with eDreams

Your flight search

Bargain holidays begin with finding a cheap flight to your ideal destination. This is where eDreams is at your service! Whether you're in search of a weekend break or a long retreat, with eDreams, you can select your ideal destination and our search engine will find the best fares from thousands of routes and flight combinations. To start your search for the most economic flight, simply use our search engine above. Pick your departure city, destination city, dates of travel, and click 'Search Flight'.

Using the flight search you can find the destinations and cities you want to visit at the best prices available. You can also filter by airport, schedule, prices, and more once you have made your selection. The eDreams search engine will also provide you with our 'Smart Choice' enabling you to see the most competitive option for your cheap flight search at the top of the search results. Additionally, you can also add filters such as the airline with which you would like to travel with as well as the number of stopovers (if any) you prefer.

The best time to book a cheap flight

Airlines set their prices based on different factors such as supply and demand, fuel prices, and even wage costs. In a matter of minutes, the fares displayed can change and we can see those cheap plane tickets we had on the screen vanish completely. The complexity of this system often puts the consumer at a disadvantage as it is not uncommon for the traveller to end up overpaying for their flight. In order to get the lowest possible fare the best is to anticipate as much as possible, this way you can maximize your chances based on flight availability and you may also benefit from cheap hotel deals and onsite activities. In case you can choose any date for your vacations, it is always important to choose some period that doesn't match school vacations and public holidays. In addition, remember that weekday flights (Mon. to Thu.) are usually more affordable than weekend flights.

Our tips for travelling cheaper

Would you like to save money on your next flight? As travel specialists we want this to be an easy process so we have decided to share some tips on how to find the cheapest flight:

Just by following these tips, you'll have the best chance of booking your flight at the best possible price so you can relax and spend your travel budget on activities in-destination. Travel for less with eDreams!

Saving money on flights

Choosing a return flight when booking your trip can often save you money on your flight booking. Our tip: purchase your departure and return flight tickets at the same time. In the search box above, there is also an option to filter your results for 'lowest fare', which will allow you to only see the best flight offers for both departures and arrivals. Lastly, remember that by searching in advance, customers can also find low prices on multiple routes, but for those who don't have the extra time, you can also book great cheap last-minute flights to multiple destinations.

FAQ - Booking a cheap plane ticket with eDreams

How do I find the cheapest flights?
Using the eDreams search engine, you can browse the cheapest airfares from all full-service and lowcost airlines around the world. Whether you are in search of a long retreat, a short weekend break, or a family holiday, we guarantee the lowest prices online.
Which are the cheapest days to fly?
The cheapest days to fly are usually weekdays. Monday to Thursday is generally more economical than weekend flights. According to our reports, if you don't have to depart on a Friday and return on a Sunday, by choosing different days you will benefit from better fares and less crowds on the plane.
Which day of the week is best to buy cheap flights?
According to internal data, Sunday is the cheapest day of the week to book flights. Once again, take into consideration that both the destination and anticipation play a major role in flights pricing.
When is the best month to book a cheap flight?
According to our data, the best month to book a budget flight is January. But, of course, bear in mind all other factors such as seasonality that may affect this trend.
How far in advance should I book a flight to get the best deal?
The best period to find the cheapest deal is 31-43 days before departure. The optimum booking period is heavily affected by your destination and seasonality periods, such as school holidays.
What is the best cheap flights app?
eDreams official app is the world's #1 rated travel app. Travel alerts, check-in, hand luggage scanner, flight tracking, discount codes, and more travel options than any other app.
Why are flights cheaper on eDreams?
The cutting-edge technology solution and the wide range of flights from over 665 airlines guarantee the lowest air fares on eDreams. Moreover, if you join eDreams Prime subscription service you can benefit from exclusive discounts on all of your flights.
How do I find last minute flight deals?
Thanks to eDreams fleet of partner airlines, booking cheap last minute flights has never been easier. Our search engines compare thousands of last minute flight deals, bringing you countless of options in a simple click.
Where can I find cheap low-cost flights?
To take advantage of the low cost airlines' cheap fares, we recommend you visit our low-cost flights page. Whether you’re planning a family holiday or a simple weekend getaway, we have the best deals from budget carriers.

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