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A Trip To The Ancient City Of BeiBookrut

Located on a small peninsula which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut is the majestic and ancient capital city of Lebanon. Often referred to as the Paris of the East, Beirut is the county's only real city and is famed for its historic attractions and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Having survived many civilizations across the centuries, Beirut has continued to develop into a vibrant destination and a centre for fashion, politics and culture.

The locals are famed for being incredibly friendly and willing to help lost tourists or even have a chat over a beer or coffee in a local cafe. With a flight to Beirut, you can visit the spectacular ruins of Ottoman palaces or shop in the souks for antiques and jewellery. End the day watching a sunset over the Mediterranian and tuck into a meze with a glass of wine as you regale your companions with tales of your adventures in Beirut.

What To Know Before Visiting Beirut?

Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport is the only entry point for visitors on city breaks to Beirut. There is no official public transport from the airport but private minibuses are in operation. Private taxis are available from outside the terminal. It's best to agree on a price before you travel and app-based options are an excellent idea as you don't have to haggle over the price.

The currency in Lebanon is the Lebanese Pound but US Dollars are widely accepted and are pegged to the Lebanese Pound at a flat rate. Arabic is the official and most commonly spoken language but English and French are widely understood so you shouldn't experience any communication issues on a flight from Dublin to Beirut.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Beirut?

July, August and September are the most popular months for package holidays in Beirut and this is when the city is at its warmest – often reaching temperatures of over 30°C. Spring and autumn are much less crowded and an excellent time for a weekend in Beirut on a flight from Cork. The mercury hovers between the 15–25°C mark. These months offer perfect weather for sightseeing and exploring the many ancient sites on offer in Beirut and there is little precipitation all year round so rainfall is not much of an issue.

What To Do In Beirut?

A stroll or jog along Paris Avenue, which runs around the perimeter of the city is a wonderful way to orientate yourself in Beirut. Start about an hour before dusk at the marina and you should reach Pigeon Rocks in time to witness the spectacular sunset. With the city claiming over 300 sunny days each year and with several shipwrecks located in the waters offshore, Beirut is a paradise for divers. As well as the shipwrecks, there are also caves, canyons and colonies of sharks to discover.

The Beirut Souks have been reconstructed since they were damaged in its turbulent past and today are an example of the splendour and history of the city. This authentic shopping destination has everything from DVDs to Arabian antiques. Finally, for those in search of nightlife, the B018 is a nightclub set in a former detention centre and a spectacular space to party the night away.

What To See On A Weekend In Beirut?

It is easy to see why Beirut has often been referred to as the Paris of the East. The Roman Baths and Martyrs' Square are two of the most historic attractions and reflect the city's past. The Temple at Baalbek, often called the City of the Sun, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the most prestigious sanctuaries of the ancient world and an absolute must when you book a flight and hotel in Beirut. Beiteddine is an Ottoman-era palace where you can take in the charming mosaics and wonderful vistas from this impressive and historic structure. There are numerous art and cultural venues to visit on package holidays in Beirut and you should check the local listings to find temporary exhibits. However, some of the best permanent museums are:

What To Eat In Beirut?

Sampling the wonderful array of Lebanese dishes is one of the delights of city breaks in Beirut. Classic cuisine includes the humble falafel, which means 'peasant-ish' in Arabic and can be eaten everywhere from street-side food stalls to high-end restaurants. Falafel Freiha is roadside vendor famed for their incredible falafel. Shawarma wraps are another must. Delicious flatbread are packed with chicken, beef or lamb and served with fresh salads and sauces. Beirut has a range of excellent locally caught fish and there is nowhere better to sample it than Meat the Fish. This gourmet meat and fish shop offers over 80 different varieties which can be enjoyed in a range of dishes at the communal tables.

What To Bring From Beirut?

There are plenty of charming souvenirs to bring back as a memento when you book a flight and hotel in Beirut. Eschew the traditional touristy items and instead pick up something authentic like a local Lebanese cookbook so you can cook your favourite dishes back home. Zaatar is an Arabic spice that is delicious when sprinkled with olive oil and dipped in fresh bread and is an affordable, lightweight gift. If you have a passion for fashion the you can shop for clothes at the boutiques surrounding Gemmayzeh Street.