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From Paris
From Tirana
Camping Village Internazionale Firenze
02 Jun - 04 Jun
Free WiFi
From 198€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Villa La Cappella
02 Jun - 04 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From 415€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
02 Jun - 04 Jun
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Close to bus/metro stop
From 481€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
AC Hotel Firenze by Marriott
02 Jun - 04 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From 522€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Toscanella 3 Bedrooms
02 Jun - 04 Jun
From 547€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Fiorenza Boutique Apartment
02 Jun - 04 Jun
Free WiFi
From 594€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
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Flight and hotel Florence

Why Florence?

The capital of Tuscany and intersected by the Arno River, Florence is renowned as one of the historical centres of the Italian Renaissance, which was an unparalleled cultural revival in the arts. Many visitors book a flight and hotel for Florence to visit the city's amazing architectural landmarks, opera venues and museums that showcase the finest Renaissance art. Indeed, city breaks in Florence offer visitors a wealth of cultural and historic sights that very few cities can match.

Useful Travel Information

Visitors who book package holidays for Florence can take direct flights to Florence Airport, Peretola, formally called Amerigo Vespucci airport. You can also take a flight from the UK and Ireland to Florence via Pisa International Airport, which is connected with Florence Airport Peretola. As Italy is just one hour ahead of GMT, UK visitors won't need to adjust their watches much for a weekend in Florence. Note that Italy is one of the Eurozone countries with the Euro as currency.

When is the Best Time to Visit Florence?

Many visitors prefer to visit Florence in May, September or October just before and after Italy's warmest summer months (which eclipse 30 degrees Celsius on some days) and peak holiday season. Travellers who take city breaks in Florence in May can catch the superb opera and classical music festival, Maggio Musicale. Other notable festivals in Florence during September and October include the Festa della Rificolona parade and the 50 Days of International Cinema film festival.

What to do in Florence

A relaxing boat cruise down the Arno is a must on any weekend stay in Florence. Another quintessential activity is to stroll through the Boboli Gardens with its impressive amphitheatre, fountains and sculptures. No city break in Florence would be complete without climbing up to the dome of the magnificent Florence Cathedral - just make sure your phone or camera battery is charged as there are fantastic photo opportunities. Travellers can even soak up some sun and sand at the Spiaggia Sull' Arno urban beach along the Arno during a summer weekend in Florence.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Florence?

Many people book package holidays to Florence to see the city's architectural gems. The following are just some of the highlights:

  • The Duomo di Firenze, or Florence Cathedral, is the city's most iconic landmark, with one of the world's highest domes.
  • Giotto's Tower is another landmark that provides panoramic views of the city.
  • Visitors also flock to Florence's renowned Ponte Vecchio arch bridge which crosses the Arno.
  • Don't forget to check out the Santa Croce - an enormous Franciscan church, it boasts sixteen chapels decorated with stunning frescoes.

Museums are also the biggest attractions for those who book a flight and hotel in Florence. Here are some of the best:

  • The Uffizi Gallery is perhaps Florence's premier museum, showcasing a huge range of Renaissance paintings and sculptures from masters such as Michelangelo and Raphael.
  • The Accadamia Gallery is another must-visit museum that displays celebrated Renaissance paintings and sculptures.
  • You can enter the Opera Duomo Museum with an additional ticket that includes artworks from the Duomo and fascinating models and design sketches of the cathedral itself.
  • Aside from art galleries, the Museo di Galileo is a wonderful science museum in Florence that exhibits a collection of scientific instruments from the Medici Collections.

Food and Drink in Florence

Italian cuisine is amongst the most revered in the world, and Florence is an excellent place to savour it. The bistecca alla fiorentina is included on many of Florence's menus. That's a grilled T-bone steak topped with peppers, olive oil and a lemon wedge. A panzanella bread salad served with olives, onions and tomatoes can also be a sumptuous meal, while Florence's lampredotto, a sliced tripe sandwich, is great for lunches. Those with a sweet tooth should definitely try the delicious schiacciata alla fiorentina, a traditional Florence sponge cake with a little orange zest and additional fillings. Don't forget to sample some exquisite Tuscan wines, such as the red Brunello and white Vernaccia varieties.

Florence Souvenirs

If you get the chance to visit the Scuolo del Cuoio (Florence Leather School), be sure to pick up a small handcrafted leather item such as a bracelet or purse featuring pretty designs. Other great local craft items include hand-painted ceramic plates, available from shops all over the city. But it's worth shopping around a bit to get the best prices. For wonderful beauty products made using ancient formulas, visit the Santa Maria Novella Shop, which is also a beautiful museum. The products are additive free and make superb gifts. Book a flight and hotel package for Florence to discover a Renaissance-era city with some of Europe's greatest architectural wonders and Renaissance artworks.