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From Barcelona
Tao El Cotillo
16 Jun - 18 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From 160€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Hostal Tamonante
16 Jun - 18 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From 163€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
16 Jun - 18 Jun
Free WiFi
From 178€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Royal Suite
16 Jun - 18 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Air conditioning
From 230€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Villa Ventura
16 Jun - 18 Jun
Free WiFi
From 283€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
3 bedrooms house with furnished terrace and wifi at Costa Calma 1 km away from the beach
16 Jun - 18 Jun
Free WiFi
From 306€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
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Flight and hotel Fuerteventura

Package Holidays In Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, a sun-kissed string of isles in the Atlantic known for their excellent beach conditions and vibrant holiday atmosphere. Fuerteventura in particular is beloved for its dramatic volcanic landscapes and superb water sports. Touring Fuerteventura by car or around the gorgeous coastlines by boat is an ideal way to make the most of this superbly beautiful island. It also has a number of interesting traditional customs and a lot of great places to eat and shop.

What To Know Before Visiting Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura flight and hotel packages are popular for holidaymakers who want to enjoy the heat all through the year. Fuerteventura Airport is a very short distance from the island's capital, Puerto del Rosario. Check flights from Dublin and Cork. The local currency is the Euro and the time is the same as in Ireland and the UK. The main language is Spanish, although English and German are widely spoken.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura package holidays can truly be enjoyed in any season. The Canary Islands are blessed with fairly steady temperatures, usually around 20°C and above in winter and then up to the 30s in summer. June to August is peak season, which is ideal if you want to appreciate the vibrant atmosphere at the bars and beaches. Spring and autumn are still excellent for sunbathing, while the warm winters are also ideal for escaping the rain back home. Fuerteventura city breaks will allow you to soak up the historic atmosphere of Puerto del Rosario and also venture out into the local countryside for amazing scenery.

What To Do In Fuerteventura?

Weekends breaks in Fuerteventura are perfect for lounging by the pool or beach, going swimming and making the most of the excellent conditions for water sports. Go snorkelling, jet skiing or windsurfing and take a tour or rent a car to explore the surroundings as you please.

Riding buggies around the volcanic landscapes of Corralejo is just one of many activities you can get up to on Fuerteventura package holidays. Boat tours are another great way to see as much of the gorgeous landscape as possible and also make the most of the sunshine in Fuerteventura.

What Places To Visit in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura city breaks are the ideal opportunity to visit intriguing local museums, check out the gorgeous scenery or simply relax at the beaches.

  • Visit the Museum of Traditional Fishing, to get a sense of the island's customs.
  • The Centro de Arta Canario provides an excellent overview of the local art scene.
  • The Aloe Vera Museum and the Salt Museum are devoted to two important products in Fuerteventura's economy.
  • The Mirador Sicasumbre is a viewing platform which provides panoramic views of the local surroundings.
  • Corralejo, Costa Calma and Cofete are just some of Fuerteventura's first-rate beaches.
  • Villa Winter is a traditional Spanish stately home with fantastic views of the local scenery.
  • Faro de la Entallada is a unique lighthouse situated in a beautiful landscape.

What To Eat in Fuerteventura?

With the best of Spanish flavours, a number of unique dishes and plenty of familiar international options, eating out in Fuerteventura is always a pleasure no matter what your tastes. Tapas is popular, and you will find many dishes are served with a side of tasty mojo sauce, a paprika and garlic based mixture that can either be spicy or not.

Goat meat and goat's cheese are both easy to find local delicacies. Unsurprisingly, fish and seafood are both excellent on the island, with dishes like sancocho canario, a salt cod stew, featuring on local menus. Look out for the British-style cafés for when you just want something quick and satisfying.

What To Bring From a weekend in Fuerteventura?

Once you have booked your Fuerteventura flight and hotel deal, you can look forward to doing some shopping. There are a number of unique souvenirs and gifts you can pick up including around crafts and locally grown goods. The volcanic ash of Fuerteventura is used to make pottery and the markets are excellent places to pick up great pieces.

The Canary Islands are notable for rum production and so getting a bottle for someone who likes a tipple will always be appreciated. In terms of clothing, locally-made lace goods are attractive and representative of Fuerteventura traditions. Corralejo has an artisan market every Sunday and Costa Calma also has one every Sunday and Wednesday. In the towns you will find shopping centres such as Las Rotondas in Puerto del Rosario.