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The history and geography of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a peninsula on the south coast of Spain. The Strait of Gibraltar is the gateway to the Mediterranean, which meant that the city had a position of strategic significance for the British Empire and led to the Spanish attempting to capture it during the Siege of Gibraltar in 1779. To this day Gibraltar remains a U.K. overseas territory. Visitors who book a flight and hotel for Gibraltar usually do so to hike up the Rock of Gibraltar, a limestone promontory that rises about 426 metres above sea level.

A few travel details to note before visiting

A weekend in Gibraltar is unlike a weekend in Spain. Those who book package holidays for Gibraltar are visiting U.K. territory. The primary currency of Gibraltar is pound sterling. U.K. visitors who book a package holidays for Gibraltar can take a direct flight to Gibraltar from London Gatwick and Heathrow. Dublin International Airport also runs flights from Dublin to Gibraltar. You can also visit Gibraltar as part of a Western Mediterranean cruise as they usually include Gibraltar in their itinerary.

Which is the best time of year to visit Gibraltar?

September might be the best month for city breaks in Gibraltar as it is just outside the peak summer season but there is still plenty of sunshine for beach goers. The Gibraltar Music Festival is also held in September as part of the Gibraltar National Day celebrations (September 10th).

Things to do in Gibraltar

Those who book a flight and hotel for Gibraltar can soak up the sun at one of the city's sandy beaches. Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay are the primary beaches for visitors but you can also go swimming in the lido pool at Camp Bay. Gibraltar is also a great destination for sailing, snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Travellers can take a dolphin safari from Marina Bay during their city breaks in Gibraltar. You can hike along the Mediterranean Steps trail which passes through the Rock's Gibraltar Nature Reserve, home to Europes only wild monkeys, the Gibraltar Barbary macaques. Winter sports enthusiasts can go ice skating at King Bastion's Leisure Centre, which also features a bowling alley and gymnasium.

Other key attractions include:

  • The Moorish Castle
  • O'Hara's Battery
  • The Great Siege Tunnels
  • The Shrine of our Lady of Europe
  • The Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

The highlights of Gibraltar

No weekend in Gibraltar would be complete without climbing the Rock, which provides stunning views of southern Spain and the African coastline. On the Rock, you can visit St Michael's Cave which is home to a 600 seat theatre which stages concerts, drama and ballet. Visitors can also explore the crytal clear lake at Lower St Michael's Cave on guided tours. There is also a labyrinth of World War 2 tunnels dug into the Rock where a variety of military armaments, photos and other artefacts from the period are on display.

Aside from the Rock's highlights, visitors can will enjoy Alameda Garden, a botanical garden which showcases wild plants from Gibraltar and the Mediterranean and features an open-air theatre for summer concerts. The Gibraltar Museum provides a fascinating insight into both Gibraltar's military and natural history within its Age of Exploration, Natural History of Gibraltar and Siege of Gibraltar exhibitions. If you fancy a flutter, check out the two casinos at Ocean Village, a modern marina complex.

Food and drink in Gibraltar

On Gibraltar you will find the best of British and Spanish cuisine. The chocolate profiterole filled with cream is Gibraltar's native confectionery and is popular at festivals. Gibraltar's menus include pasta and bread dishes such as Rosto and Calentita baked pancakes. As Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, you can expect traditional dishes such as fish and chips and pub sunday roasts that usually consist of roast meat, yorkshire pudding, potatoes and other vegetables. Gibraltar even has its very own Barbary Beer served at pubs.

What souvenirs can visitors bring back?

There are loads of potential holiday souvenirs which travellers can bring back from package holidays in Gibraltar. Crystal glass ornaments of the Rock, made in Gibraltar, are a great addition to any mantlepiece. Or you can add a Gibraltar plate to your collection instead. Gibraltar key rings, fridge magnets, towels, mugs and T-shirts are a few of the other souvenirs you can bring back from your holiday at the Rock.