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From Barcelona
From Cork
Hotel Lanzarote Village
24 Mar - 26 Mar
TripAdvisor rating
From 227€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Apartamento Flor Siete
24 Mar - 26 Mar
Free WiFi
From 240€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Eco Village Finca De Arrieta
24 Mar - 26 Mar
Free WiFi
From 292€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
24 Mar - 26 Mar
Free WiFi
From 301€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Seaside Los Jameos Playa
24 Mar - 26 Mar
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From 312€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
H10 White Suites Boutique Hotel - Adults Only
24 Mar - 26 Mar
TripAdvisor rating
Air conditioning
From 317€
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
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Flight and hotel Lanzarote

Layout of Lanzarote city breaks

UNESCO-listed nature reserves, fascinating geology and azure waters are just some of the attractions of Lanzarote, one of Europe's most exotic-feeling destinations. Palms wave their fronds atop black lava fields, while families frolic on the island's superb beaches.

From dining inside an ancient lava bubble to travelling back to the island's pirate-worried past, Lanzarote's attractions far exceed your straightforward, sun-sand holiday – although there are plenty of beaches on offer here, too. Dip your toes in the storied past of this island, rich both in flavour and unforgettable mystique.

Before booking a flight to and hotel in Lanzarote

Flights to and hotels in Lanzarote couldn't be easier to organise from the UK. Flights from Cork to Lanzarote run frequently, as do flights from Dublin. The euro is the currency on the island, and although the native language is Spanish, almost everyone you'll encounter is likely to have superb English skills. There's also no time difference between Lanzarote and the UK, so you can glide into your weekend with ease. Connections between the airport and the island's resort towns are reliable and inexpensive.

When is the best time for weekends in Lanzarote?

It's always a good time to visit Lanzarote to enjoy its balmy weather and spectacular scenery. Especially popular is the island's Carnival in February or March, which features processions, live music and a festive atmosphere. Día de San Ginés, another magical time to visit the island, includes celebrations that are almost unavoidable, wherever you may be. Peak periods are Easter, July and December. Whenever you visit, you'll be dwarfed by the majestic UNESCO-protected scenery.

What is there to do on city breaks in Lanzarote?

  • Hike the Montanas del Fuego to the Islote de Hilario, where the pebbles are hot due to the magma chamber only a few kilometres beneath the surface. Bright red soil marks this otherworldly landscape pocked with geysers and adorned with bright lichens.
  • Discover the jaw-dropping Cueva de los Verdes, which winds like a giant serpent through eight kilometres of rock. This magnificent formation is the result of an eruption some five millennia ago. Look out for stalactites on the guided tour.
  • Immerse yourself in pirate lore at the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. This imposing edifice is home to a stunning exhibition on the pirate attacks sustained by Lanzarote in the 16th century. The oldest castle in the Canary Islands, it affords stunning views across the island's undulating plains.
  • Dive into the blue-flag perfection of Playa Blanca's turquoise waters. An upmarket port town fronts the ocean and provides all the equipment and services you need to fulfil your every water sport-related inclination.

What is there to see on weekends in Lanzarote?

With a surreal landscape, Lanzarote is visually spectacular. Here are the Instagram-worthy highlights of package holidays in Lanzarote:

  • Ever seen a lava flow frozen mid-pour, and whipped by waves? You can on package holidays in Lanzarote. Mirador del Río has been transformed from Spanish gun battery to lookout, and the view of the surrounding islands is sublime.
  • The storied LagOmar House looks over Lanzarote like the seat of some Spanish Gatsby. Imagined by Cesar Manrique and Jesús Soto, the house is home to a museum and a great many local myths. Explore its spine-like staircases to elegant cupolas and an elegant restaurant and bar.
  • Don't leave Lanzarote without catching a sight of Haria, a rural village decorated with bougainvillaea and poinsettia. The exotic appearance of the village made it a favourite of wealthy Canarians in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Eating in Lanzarote

A package tour to Lanzarote would be missing something without paying homage to the island's distinctive cuisine. Dig into caldo de pescado y gofio escaldado, a traditional fish stew enriched with vegetables and maize. Seafood sizzles on the volcano-heated grills at El Diablo Restaurant atop the mountain at Timanfaya National Park. Alternatively, dine out in the unparalleled ambience under the black rock dome inhabited by Casa Museo del Campesino. Unsure what to order? Try tortilla conejera (fish and onion omelette), or sancocho (fish with sweet potatoes). Local Malvasian wines benefit from the fertile volcanic soil and are considered some of the best in the world.

What to bring back from Lanzarote

Souvenir hunting starts at Marina Rubicón's and Playa Blanca's markets, which are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Teguise's Sunday market features clothes, jewellery and toys to take home. Pick up a bottle of the island's speciality mojo sauce, or gourmet olive oil. For something even more special, visit local artist Oscar Gonzales's market stall, Galeria OE, where products range from paintings to pottery and even fridge magnets.