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City Breaks In Shanghai

This glittering metropolis glows with all the mystique and allure of the Orient, not to mention the might of a puissant global economy. Your flight and hotel in Shanghai land you amid a truly international conglomeration of architectural styles including skyscrapers and ancient Buddhist temples which jostle with 1920s style districts.

Sprawling subcultures only add to the intrigue of one of the world's most interesting cities. Bisected by the Huangpu River, the two sides of Shanghai compete in pace and perfection. Old style lane houses still stoop under the rocketing skyscrapers and new buildings surge from the city's every pore. It's hard not to be drawn, moth-like, to this dizzying city and its dazzling lights.

Important Information To Know Before Visiting Shanghai

Flights to Shanghai run regularly from the United Kingdom. You can catch a flight from Dublin to Shanghai just as easily as you can flights from Cork to Shanghai. Shanghai is served by two futuristic international airports, making your transition between flight and hotel in Shanghai seamless. China is eight hours ahead of the United Kingdom. China's currency is the Renminbi (also known as the Yuan), though most establishments accept card payments. The Chinese in Shanghai differs from Cantonese and Mandarin, making the local language a challenge even for native Chinese speakers. Don't worry though, English is widely spoken.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Shanghai?

October and November combine milder temperatures, reduced rain showers and lower visitor numbers in the city. However the warm weather of spring is also ideal for city breaks in Shanghai. Since business is booming in Shanghai, prices actually drop during the weekends when commuters return home. Temperatures peak in July, averaging thirty-two degrees, dipping the lowest in January at eight degrees centigrade.

What To Do In Shanghai

Discover the Jade Buddha Temple with its incredible white jade Buddha figures and resplendent aureate decor dating from the 1920s. Stroll along the Huangpu River, or take a cruise along its length to imbibe the city's many scenes. Don't leave Shanghai without visiting the Suzhou and Zhouzguang Water Villages. Stone bridges are the only access to these water-girt cities straight out of the Wanli era (16th century). After all your explorations, unwind in the sophisticated Ming Dynasty Yu Garden, or visit the bustling bazaar in the French Concession to enjoy the city at a slower pace.

What Places To Visit In Shanghai?

Shanghai's top attractions span ancient monasteries and futuristic shopping centres. Here's what to see on package holidays in Shanghai:

What To Eat Shanghai?

Whether you are looking for Michelin starred meals or a steaming bowl of noodle soup, Shanghai's culinary scene has infinite forms. A pilgrimmage to the French Concession is a must on weekends in Shanghai. A bevvy of superb restaurants and museums nestle beneath leaf-dappled sunlight in this suburb. Try the Shanghainese dishes at Jian Guo 328. Grab a bowl of Xiaolongbao dumplings in pork broth at Nanxiang or De Xing Guan. Eating on the run? Shaomai with shitake mushrooms or pork are available on most streets, though Xiasha does the best. Red braised pork sings at Zhujiajiao on the city border. Don't leave without trying hairy crab. They crop up on most menus and are even available in vending machines at the city's subway stations.

What To Bring Back From Shanghai?

When you bear in mind that almost half of the world's luxury shoppers are Chinese, it becomes clear just how serious you can be about shopping in Shanghai. Retail therapy is a cultural norm, best observed on package holidays in Shanghai, which is packed with frenetic markets and edgy vintage shops. Whether its Prada or Tibetan antiques you seek, Shanghai is sure to exceed the wildest dreams of even the most avid shopaholic. Head to Nanjing Road for souvenirs of your weekend in Shanghai.