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With a history stretching back thousands of years into the past, Bulgaria’s capital is an eclectic mixture of architectural styles. From Neolithic mounds and Roman temples to Stalinist architecture, Sofia’s streets are varied and fascinating. Perching on the lower slopes of Mount Vitosha, Sofia lies at a crossroad, connecting Western Europe with Istanbul. With its quirky shops, street art and a laid-back attitude, modern Sofia is a city to rival any of Europe’s most popular destinations. On the weekend Sofia truly comes alive with a host of wonderful bars and nightclubs.

What To Know Before Visiting Sofia

Visitors taking flights to Sofia will land at the city’s only airport. From here it’s possible to reach the city centre by metro in under 20 minutes and a regular bus timetable keeps you well connected. Though the Bulgarian language has its own characters, many signs are written in English, making travel in Sofia a simple affair. Search the internet for cheap deals on flights from Dublin to Sofia or flights from Cork to Sofia but don’t forget to change your Euros or Sterling for the Bulgarian Lev.

When Should You Visit Sofia?

Its continental climate gives Bulgaria a reputation for cold winters and heavy snowfall but mild spring temperatures and hot, dry summers really lend themselves to holidays. Take your package holidays to Sofia between May and September and you are likely to experience plenty of sunshine. Bulgaria’s capital is a modern city and if you take your city breaks to Sofia for one of its many festivals you will see what all the fuss is about. The Watertower Art Fest, held each June, is a major international event while Sofia Rocks lures in rock musicians from all over the world.

What Is There To Do In Sofia?

Take a flight and hotel in Sofia and be charmed by this friendly city. Having shaken off the shackles of the Soviet era, Sofia is a modern city with a very eclectic feeling.

What Is There To See In Sofia?

Steeped in history, the city has lots of sites to explore. Take your package holidays to Sofia and you definitely won’t be short of things to do. The Aleksander Nevski Cathedral with its detailed mosaics and cavernous interior is a national symbol and the city's history can be explored at bothe the Sofia History Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Visit the Museum of Socialist Art to see more Lenin statues than you ever imagined existed or enjoy the Medieval murals at the 13th century Boyana Church. With its massive gall house full of palms and cacti, the university's Botanical Garden provides a welcome respite.

What About Sofia’s Food?

Spend a weekend in Sofia and you are bound to come home talking about the food. Whether you are a vegetarian or carnivore you are bound to find something you like in the city. Meshana skara is a large plate of grilled meat that Bulgarians just love to eat. Other dishes include Bulgarian moussaka and cabbage leaves stuffed with mince meat and rice. Banitsas, or filo pies, are stuffed with everything from mushroom and potato to apple. You will find plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and Sofia has its fair share of international restaurants.

Shopping In Sofia

Take a flight and hotel to Sofia and you will probably want a souvenir of your stay. Head to Vitosha Boulevard for a modern shopping experience or soak up the ambience of the antiques market near the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral. Here you will find handicrafts and lacquered goods. Bulgaria’s biggest export is its rose oil and if you have some money to spend it makes for the perfect memento of city breaks to Sofia alternatively you can buy quality pottery at street markets or treat yourself to a colourful rug.