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An Introduction To The Mesmerising City Of Tokyo

Tokyo is the ancient capital of Japan and one of the most vibrant and magnetic cities in the world. Historic dynasties and cultural practices collide with towering skyscraper and innovative modern technology in perfect harmony to create a city which feels unique, charming and utterly alive. Temples and markets are interspersed with world-class restaurants and hip cocktail bars and you can shop at local craft stalls or for the best and most well-known brands in the world when you book a flight and hotel in Tokyo.

What To Know Before Visiting Tokyo?

When arriving in Japan for a weekend in Tokyo you will land at one of city's two international airports depending on which airline you fly with. Narita Airport handles the majority of international traffic and is well connected to the city by the Skyliner train. Haneda Airport is served by the Tokyo Monorail which is the easiest and most scenic way of reaching central Tokyo. Visa-free travel for the purposes of tourism is permitted for those with a British passport. The local currency is the Japanese Yen and the country is 9 hours ahead of the UK (GMT+9).

When Is The Best Time To Visit Tokyo?

City breaks in Tokyo are at their best in spring and autumn. During these periods, the weather is at its best, warm without being too hot, and the parks and outside spaces are in full bloom. The famed cherry blossom season takes place every year in early April, something to bear in wind when booking flights to Tokyo. The streets are filled with hues of pink as the blossom make its appearance. Predicting the exact date to see this natural wonder can be tricky as it is significantly influenced by the weather.

What To Do In Tokyo?

Seeing Japan from the water is an unmissable experience. Hop on one of the regular boat services down the Kanda River to get the best views of Tokyo's spectacular bridges. You can also enjoy wonderful vistas on a city break in Tokyo from the top of the Tokyo Tower. If you would prefer to save a few Yen then the viewing platforms at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building are free and also offer excellent views. Tokyo is a shopper's paradise and you can find anything and everything in the city's endless stores. Ameyoko is one of the largest markets and is located next to Ueno Station. The Japenese love trainers and you can browse hundreds of brands at the impressive Kichijoji store with a flight from Dublin to Tokyo.

What Places To Visit In Tokyo?

There are a multitude of sights to explore when you book a flight and hotel in Tokyo and the majestic Asakusa Temple, the gardens of the Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine are the most popular places to start your Japanese adventure. Sens?-ji is the largest Buddist temple in the city and also well worth a visit when you book a flight from Cork to Tokyo. Kabukich? is one of the primary entertainment districts and walking around this luminous part of town is an eye-opening experience. It is famed for its array of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as the 'host bars' and 'love hotels' which populate the vicinity. A weekend in Tokyo also has plenty to placate art and culture lovers too. Some of the city's most admired and impressive museums include:

What To Eat In Tokyo

As you might expect, sushi is simply a must when you are on city breaks in Tokyo. You can enjoy this wonderful national dish everywhere from street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants, depending on your budget. Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers) is another popular local dish. They are delicious served just with salt and also when slathered in the succulent savoury tare sauce. Other dishes not to miss on package holidays in Tokyo are Ramen noodles, Japanese savoury pancakes and soba noodles.

What To Bring Back From Tokyo

Japan's distinctive cultural heritage means that there are plenty of trinkets to take back home as a memento from package holidays in Tokyo. Japenese liquor in a lovely crafted bottle is a popular gift, along with paper lanterns, Japenese stationary, Bulgari chocolates and state of the art electronic gadgets.