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Casa Alla Fenice
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 164€
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palazzo suite ducale
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 196€
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Palazzina Fortuny
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 243€
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Ca' Silvia Saint Mark Square Apartment
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 336€
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Grimaldi Apartments San Marco & Castello
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 346€
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City Apartments - San Marco Canal
24 Mar - 26 Mar
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From 362€
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Flight and hotel Venice

Presenting Venice

Once an independent republic that lasted for a thousand years, Venice is one of the most iconic and unique cities in the world. A city on the water boasting marvels of art and architecture, it uses boats instead of cars and taxis, and has a distinct personality that sets it apart as a special holiday destination.

What to know before visiting Venice

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) is the main entry point to the city, with Treviso Airport (TSF) also operating some flights from around Europe. Check deals from Dublin and Cork. The time is one hour ahead of Dublin and London, and the local language is Italian. That said, Venice welcomes millions of international visitors every year, so English is widely spoken among service workers. Made up of 118 islands, it’s a miniature archipelago of sorts – you'll have a blast riding water taxis and gondolas to each destination.

When is the best time to visit Venice?

The climate is classified as subtropical in the Veneto region, and spring to autumn offers pleasant weather. At the height of summer, temperatures frequently reach the high 20s or 30s, and winters are cool but far from extreme. The Venice Film Festival in late summer, one of the city’s most famous and glamorous events, is a great way to soak up the city at its glitziest and attend a screening.

In February, check out Venice Carnival and the attendees dressing up in eye-popping masked costumes. Many businesses offer costumes for hire if you want to see one of the masked balls, which is certainly a unique life experience – make sure to take your camera! Venice package holidays are ideal throughout the year.

What to do in Venice

Unsurprisingly, a lot of activity in the city is around the water, and half the fun of Venice city breaks is the novelty of not riding in a car for days on end. Gondola rides, which are generally better for fun and relaxation than getting around the city, make for an unforgettable experience, whether as a romantic moment or with a group of friends. Many gondoliers will be very happy to point out landmarks such as Marco Polo’s home and serenade you as you pass through Venice’s streets of water.

Venice package holidays also offer the opportunity for superb sightseeing, such as at St Mark’s Square and St Mark’s Basilica. Another enjoyable activity here is buying a bag of seeds from a street seller and watching the fearless pigeons flock to accept your offering. Though dodging birds may not be the most civilized activity in the city, it's certainly a great way to get some unique photos.

What to see when you visit Venice

  • St Mark's Basilica, the city's magnificent 11th-century cathedral in the central St Mark's Square.
  • The Doge's Palace, where the leader of the former Republic lived, built in beautiful 14th-century Gothic style.
  • Rialto Bridge, an ornate landmark over the Grand Canal built in the 16th century.
  • Murano, a small island off of Venice famous for its superb glasswork.
  • San Giorgio Maggiore Church, constructed on a small island and featuring gorgeous interior artwork.
  • Teatro La Fenice, a grand theatre regarded as one of the finest in Italy.
  • Gallerie dell'Accademia, one of the best places to appreciate Venetian artwork.

What to eat when you visit Venice

With your Venice flight and hotel booked, you may begin to wonder what delicious foods you’ll eat on your holiday here. A Venice weekend is perfect for discovering the unique tastes of Veneto, which are largely centred around seafood. Anchovy pasta, crab and sardines fried with nuts and raisins are some typical local examples.

Ice cream and pizza are as popular as they are in the rest of Italy, and familiar favourites such as spaghetti Bolognese and risottos are also easy to come across. Veneto produces its own distinct wines, many with interesting flavours worth discovering on Venice city breaks.

What souvenirs can you bring back home from Venice?

A Venice weekend spent shopping will present you with many interesting finds. Well known for its designer boutiques, Venice carries on the Italian tradition of chic styles right off the catwalk. Designer dresses, bags and accessories all make for luxurious souvenirs of Venice.

For a somewhat more modest but iconic souvenir, a Venetian mask is an excellent choice. These range from simple but beautiful half-face masks for a few euros, to extravagant, Carnival-ready pieces that will set you back several hundred. Murano’s glassware is equally varied, with impressive sculptures and tiny animal figurines available. Booking a Venice flight and hotel deal is the first step to discovering the intriguing shops and markets in this individual Italian city.