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Israel is the only country in the world home to the sacred sites of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. But there is more to this land than religious beliefs. There is an urban life along the Mediterranean Sea with a 24-hour city culture, nightlife, beaches and cultural events. Try and drown yourself in the Dead Sea or cover yourself with its mud - the most sought-after beauty product. Grab your gear and hop on to those flights to Israel and visit this religious and modern country. Ben Gurion Airport - Tel Aviv, Ovda Airport - Negev and Haifa Airport - Haifa will welcome you with open arms. Grab your air tickets on Israir, Ryanair or Arkia airlines to get to the country.

A place of pilgrimage and worship, Jerusalem has been the religious capital for Jews, Muslims and Christians for millennia and is the country's capital. Take a walk in the footsteps of the prophets, hear the sound of church bells, the muezzin's call and the wail of the shofar fill the streets of Jerusalem. There is plenty to see and do in the old city of Jerusalem, making this a religious tourist destination par excellence. Tel Aviv on the other hand is an urban city located on the Mediterranean coast. Known as Israel's technology hub and the financial centre, this secular city gives you the options to choose from clubs, bars, beaches, shopping and many more. The old city of Jerusalem and Jaffna, Baha'i Gardens and the Dead Sea deserve a special mention when visiting Israel.

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