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How can I find hotels in Cork?

Cork, Ireland's second-biggest city, is in fact an island surrounded by two arms of the River Lee. Despite countless Viking raids and centuries of English occupation, the seafaring people of Cork have defied all odds, preserving their long history and culturally diverse city. The centre of the city is the English Market, where Cork's restaurants and food outlets get their fresh supplies. Blarney Castle is a big attraction, too. Visitors also flock to the 6th-century St. Fin Barre's Cathedral with its neo-Gothic architecture. The imposing Elizabeth Fort next door has been around for over four centuries. To enjoy your stay in Cork, book a hotel near the top attractions in the city using eDream's user-friendly search engine. You can filter your accommodation choices by the number of rooms, guests, discounts, and more. 

What must I see in Cork?

If you are visiting for the first time, the best place to experience the spirit of Cork is the English Market. Since 1788, this covered market has served the people of Cork varieties of nutritious food ingredients. Its 55+ stalls offer everything from fish, fruits, bread, vegetables, and everything in between. The Cork City Gaol combines classical and Gothic architecture, although it has an ugly past. It held revolutionaries during the War of Independence, although about 42 prisoners famously escaped in 1923. Elizabeth Fort was built around 1601 to defend the city against invasion. It has seen several battles in its time, but now offers one of the best views of Cork city. Blarney Castle is another prominent landmark in Cork. Many people visit to kiss the Blarney Stone, which is said to make its kissers eloquent. The castle has a beautiful garden, although some plants are poisonous. St Fin Barre's Cathedral was the first commission of the accomplished architect William Burges. For nature lovers, Fitzgerald Park offers a gentle duck pond, lush trees, and impressive flowerbeds, making it a perfect spot for family picnics. Fota Wildlife Park hosts several animal species including giraffes, tigers, zebras, and rhinos. The Red Abbey in the medieval parts of the city is an Irish National Monument, a remnant of an Augustinian monastery from the 1200s. The Lewis Glucksman Gallery at University College Cork is one of the most modern edifices in the city, hosting art exhibitions, film screenings, and art workshops year-round. Cork has a thriving food scene and is one of the most popular destination for foodies in the UK and beyond. Book cheap hotels near the city centre for easy access to Cork's most popular sights.

Where should I stay in Cork?

For the best hotel deals, the area around the English Market is a perfect place to stay in Cork. It's near the best restaurants and pubs and offers easy access to popular landmarks on foot. The area around the Grand Parade offers some of the best food in Cork and is the sight of the National Monument and the Bishop Lucey Park. The Huguenot Quarter has a huge collection of pubs and cafes, the Cork Opera House, and Crawford Art Gallery. Shandon is full of history and offers cheap hotels and high-end lodges. The city centre is perfect for families and solo travellers, hosting some of the best hotels in Cork. Shoppers will love the variety of options at the Victorian Quarter, including the popular Mother Jones Flea Market.

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