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Hotels in Tokyo

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Discover Tokyo

How can I find hotels in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a vibrant city with everything that tourists want from fine dining, exclusive clubs, and karaoke nights. Whether you prefer eating in a themed hotel or spending a night in a hip-hop club, there is something good waiting for you. Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, Tokyo has plenty of sightseeing spots including the famous Tokyo Tower. The city is also known for manga, video games, electronics, and anime. The epicentre of these productions is Akihabara. Visitors flock the place to see vibrant electric colours at night. You can never get tired of night photography and window shopping in the capital of Japan. If you are searching for a flight and hotel in Tokyo, check your date of travelling on eDreams. Type your details in the search bar and include the departure time, expected time of return, and the number of travellers. You will be given several options to choose from. Add a rental car to make your transfer from the airport easy.  Depending on where you are coming from, eDreams might help you find some good savings from irresistible hotel deals.

What must I see in Tokyo?

Because it is an important symbol of the Japanese culture, Tokyo Tower should be among the first attractions to see. View the whole city from above in a building that dates back in 1958. Attractive sites surround the tower so there are countless activities to try. Watch numerous species of sea animals in 825 sq. metre glass tank housed in the Tokyo Tower Aquarium. If you want to learn what the Japanese Showa Period used to be like, then you have to set your feet on Golden Gai. Located in Shinjuku, this Golden Street is reminiscent of the Post-war black market. Travel back in history along the narrow streets lined with hundreds of bars and restaurants. There are various hole-in-the-wall spots to uncover and the locals can help you find them quickly. Along the alleys, shops are decorated with neon lights to bring a nostalgic atmosphere in front of your eyes. Some shopping complexes in Golden Gai mainly cater to the youth. Then there are pleasure spots with clubs and cabarets. Do not leave the Japanese capital before checking in at the air-supported Tokyo Dome - the biggest baseball sports arena in the country.

Where should I stay in Tokyo?

Whilst exploring top-rated attractions in Tokyo, you need a place to rest every night. Because eDreams cares about travellers, it won't take you long before you find a hotel in Tokyo matching your requirements. If you are more into partying, book a hotel in Kabukicho, the prime centre of entertainment in East Asia. It is commonly known as the red-light district and is quite famous with holidaymakers. The sleepless town of Kabukicho is always busy and many people come down for night photography because it is more stunning after sunset. You can also stay in Shibuya, one of the cosiest neighbourhoods and a quieter spot than Kabukicho. Shibuya is very safe for tourists and very much accessible. Find a series of love-themed hotels and regular shops that remain active 24/7 so you can shop anytime. Roppongi is another popular touristy neighbourhood you don't want to miss. A favourite spot for Allied forces, it attracts Japanese expats, American, and European guests. Most hotel deals in Roppongi are western-style but you can find cheap hotels during off-seasons.