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Package Holidays In Karpathos

Legend has it that Karpathos was the birthplace of the fire-bestowing giant Prometheus. Its shores are certainly warm and welcoming today. Craggy rocks plunge in to the sapphire sea and provide the perfect backdrop for the island's annual kitesurfing competition.

Discover ancient Roman remains all over the island, as you wander between beach and bar. Self-contained villages are hidden in the island's mountains, while its rugged coast is dotted with tranquil fishing villages. Karpathos remains a secret hideaway.

Before Booking Flights And Hotels In Karpathos

It couldn't be simpler to book a flight and hotel in Karpathos. Flights from London to Karpathos depart regularly, as do flights from Cork to Karpathos. The island's airport is served by several international airlines, making it simple to glide into your break on the island. The currency is the Euro, so you won't have to worry about complex currency exchanges. Karpathos is two hours ahead of the UK (GMT+2) and the flight duration is just four hours, so you can be sunning yourself on the beach by lunchtime. Though the island remains relatively remote and unspoiled by excessively high visitor numbers, it is easy to converse in English with the locals and be understood.

When Is Best For City Breaks To Karpathos

There is never a bad time to visit Karpathos, which is warm year round. Temperatures are at their highest in the summer months, although this does attract larger crowds to the island. Spring and autumn can be great times to visit, since warm weather accompanies lower visitor numbers. Don't miss the summer kite surfing competition.

What Is There To Do On Package Holidays In Karpathos?

The beach is at the centre of life on Karpathos. A mile of sand welcomes you to Finiki, where the houses are interspersed with traditional tavernas serving fresh fish. Boats bob in the harbour in this tranquil setting, which is the perfect day trip destination for those in search of serenity. Some of the other beaches on the island include:

Meanwhile Lefkos is a larger port, complete with a sandy beach and plenty of excellent restaurants. Make sure that you also venture up to Menetes, which clings to the mountains overlooking Pigadia. It's church crowns the top of the town, which descends in pretty winding streets.

What Is There To See On Weekends In Karpathos?

Self-sufficient villages, ancient architecture and sublime beaches await you in Karpathos. Discover the remote rural city of Olymbos, which roosts on the side of a mountain close to the island's northern shore. There was no road to the city, which was hidden in an attempt to evade the continual raids by Arab and Syrian pirates. This isolated civilization produced a unique culture, which you can still see today. For instance, note the women's traditional dress, which is characterised by luminous embroidery and thick, goatskin boots. Gaze out over the sugar cube houses and collection of spinning windmills, there's no where quite like Olymbos. Check out the 5th centiry ecclesiastical building in the centre of Arkasa, on the island's southwestern edge. Ancient mosaics glitter in the foreground, while an acropolis tops the headland in the distance. Unfurling beneath are the soft sands of Agios Nikolaos Beach.

Eating Out On Weekends In Karpathos

In Karpathos you will find a foodie paradise. The island is especially famous for its unusual dish called makarounes. Home made pasta provides the carb-rich base for ribbons of caramelised onions. Whether you are exploring one of the island's mountain villages or lolling by the beach, there will always be a taverna ready to serve you this unique and charming dish.

In places like Olymbos, a self-sufficient agricultural civilization has supported a local cuisine like no other. Varieties of bread, cheese and dessert are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Try the special pastry pockets with delectable fillings and unique stone baked breads.

Souvenirs From City Breaks In Karpathos

Karpathos' folk art is unlike anything you will find in the rest of Greece. Pigadia is one of the main shopping areas on the island and there are numerous markets and shops selling handicrafts produced by the local population. Pick up some of the ceramics and copper crafts that line these stalls, or the traditional clothing produced on the island. There are also plenty of shops hocking souvenirs like sunglasses, t-shirts and jewellery, which you can remember your weekend in Karpathos by. You will find more shops open in the morning and early evening than during the hottest, 'siesta' hours of the day which occurs between lunchtime and 5 PM.