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A country located on southern tip of Europe, sharing borders with Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland. Italy is on the world map with its dominance in sports and sporting events or the finest sports cars. A long coastline with plenty of beaches, cuisines, fashion, monuments and mountains contributes to its ever-growing tourism. This country has contributed immensely to world culture with its celebrated writers, artists and fashion designers. Most flights to Italy land at one of the international airports located at Milan, Rome, Venice or Bergamo, and flying with Alitalia, Vueling airlines or easyJet airlines will grab you the best deals to this country.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with picturesque streets, astonishing artistic monuments and historical ruins. The grandeur of the mighty Roman Empire is captured in the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Roman Forum. Within Rome is Vatican City, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and home to the Pope. For a different vibe, there is Milan, the global fashion and designer wear hub. Come here to experience northern Italian cuisine in its world-famous restaurants or enjoy the sparkling nightlife. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, 'The Last Supper' by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Duomo di Milan and the Roman architecture are not to be missed on a trip to Italy.

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