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New Zealand, the island nation is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and about 1500 kms east of Australia. The country is one of the most photogenic places on earth. It has some of the most picturesque landscapes, spectacular steaming volcanoes, golden coastlines and vast mountain ranges. This natural playground will only leave the adventurers and thrill seekers gasping for more. Flights to New Zealand are a year on year affair with the beautiful hot water glaciers, serene calm lakes, lofty mountains to trek and gleaming and glistening beaches. Flights via Air New Zealand, Qantas and Emirates will fly you into this country at the Wellington International Airport, Auckland Airport, Christchurch International Airport or the Queenstown Airport.

Wellington, the southernmost capital city in the world, is also sometimes called the coolest capital in the world. With over 50,000 hectares of forests and regional parks, Zealandia is the first fully-fenced urban eco sanctuary in the world. Wellington is known for its number of cafes, restaurants and bars. And Auckland boasts of the most boat owners, with every one in three households owning one. Auckland also has about 50 volcanoes for you to explore and trek on. You cannot leave this destination without visiting the most beautiful fiord at Milford Sound or the diving into the clearest blue waters of the Nelson Lake. You won't want to miss this destination for anything in the world.

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