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This Scandinavian country in the North of Europe has an extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean and shares its borders with Sweden. A country powered by nature, it has some of the most beautiful snow covered mountains anywhere. "Fårikål" or "sheep in cabbage", the delicious goat cheese and heart-shaped waffles are the essential mouthwatering delights to savor. A vast country with low population offers you the opportunity to explore unspoiled nature and venture out on cross-country skiing expeditions. The Oslo Airport-Gardermoen, Bergen Airport, Stavanger Airport or the Trondheim Airport are where you will land when visiting Norway. Primary carriers to Norway include SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), Norwegian Airlines and British Airways.

Oslo, the capital city, is the not only the economic and government center but is also a tourist paradise. A city nestled within forests, Oslo provides rich opportunities for active leisure activities such as hiking, cycling and skiing. This modern city will keep you on your toes and busy all day with its numerous parks and museums, and by night with its rocking nightlife. Bergen, ringed by mountains, is a city that is home to the Sognefjord - the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. This city is a must thanks to its spectacular walking and hiking trails in the deep mountains. When in Norway, explore the Geirangerfjord, take a ride on the Hurtigruten coastal ferry or embark on the exquisite rail journey between Oslo and Bergen.

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