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Portugal, a country sharing its border with Spain and a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, has a rich past that has its echo across half of the "New World." Home to some of the best beaches in the world, the surf's always up for any of the water sports you love. A very down to earth place famed for its warm hospitality, you can enjoy this country even on a shoestring budget as compared to other European countries, making it a true visitor's paradise. International flights to Portugal land at the airports in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro or at the João Paulo II Airport. Grab your gear and tickets on Ryanair,easyJet flights and TAP Portugal, who have regular flights into this country.

Lisbon is the de facto capital of Portugal. A city that has been ravaged by earthquakes, tsunamis and fires has rebuilt itself from the ashes to what it is today. The charming old city can boast of the architectural marvel of the Vasco da Gama Bridge over the River Tagus - the longest bridge in Europe. Meander through the black and white cobbled stone streets or hop on to the iconic Tram 28 for a tour of this modern city. A visit to the riverfront city of Coimbra cannot be missed, which has the most incredible collection of medieval architectural buildings. Don't forget to go diving at Ponta da Piedade, where the sea has carved out giant rock formations.

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