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How can I find hotels in Milan?

Located in Italy's Lombardy region, Milan is known as the country's economic hub. The city is home to a thriving fashion and art industry as well as the renowned A.C. Milan football club. Exploring this city provides an opportunity to enjoy one of your best vacation experiences yet as you discover Milan's vibrant music scene, literary heritage and fascinating history. This industrial and cultural centre holds several intriguing landmarks, ranging from medieval to mid-century and contemporary. Modern architectural designs by renowned architecture firms such as Zaha Hadid and the Bjarke Ingels Group focus on sustainable and functional buildings with a contemporary and modern twist. The Italian population in Milan is made up of a highly-skilled workforce, including manufacturers, designers and an architect's forum that promotes creativity. Milan offers culinary delights galore that promise to tickle your taste buds, from Milanese comfort food to incredible street-side offerings with a focus on meat, rice, cheese, butter and stews. Booking a hotel in Milan and your trip is made easy by eDreams - a user-friendly site that allows you to make all of your plans and reservations on the same platform. Discover hotel deals on eDreams with the click of a button.

 What must I see in Milan?

Milan is an architectural and historical wonder, with numerous sites and attractions. The most popular among these include the majestic Duomo Cathedral which sits at the heart of the city. Venturing to the top of this Gothic building allows you an unobstructed view of the entire city and all of its intricacies and beauty. Castello Sforzesco is another popular landmark known for its museums and galleries. It is the best place to learn the history of Milan, from the medieval to modern day. Known for its astonishing collection of Italian art, Museo del Novecento is also well-worth a visit as the displays are arranged chronologically with works featuring artists such as Lucio Fontana. The awe-inspiring Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a must-visit shopper's paradise with elegant designer shops, cafes and world-class restaurants. The entertainment hub at Teatro Alla Scala also attracts thousands of opera, ballet and classical music enthusiasts every year. Marked a UNESCO World Heritage site, Chiesa Santa Maria is also home to the renowned painting by Leonardo da Vinci of The Last Supper. Food is an important part of Milanese culture. Peck, a local gourmet eatery in the city, is the ultimate foodie destination. Popular streets in Milan include Via Torino which is a shopping hub and one of the city's prettiest streets in the entire city. Corso Venezia is known for its gorgeous gardens, palaces, and parks.

Where can I stay in Milan?

Vacations in Milan are made possible with accommodation available for everyone, including those looking for luxury as well as those looking for cheap hotels. eDreams makes it possible for you to stay in the neighbourhood of your choice by giving you the opportunity to book a hotel that suits your needs, like hotel Milan. If you are looking for a romantic neighbourhood to stay at on your holiday in Milan, look no further than San Lorenzo. This neighbourhood features charming restaurants, impressive street art and quaint antique shops for you to explore. Brera is the perfect district to stay in while on holiday in Milan if you are looking to explore authentic Milanese culture. The neighbourhood is also perfect for a stroll any time of day and with cafes, restaurants, and shops on every street, it offers tons for you to explore. If you are a foodie, you'll want to book a hotel in the Isola neighbourhood, home to an emporium serving a variety of Italian cuisine only. Here, you get to sample diverse farm-to-table menus featuring traditional Milanese food and delectable fresh seafood. 

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