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How can I find hotels in Valencia?

Valencia is Spain's third-largest city but when you book a hotel in Valencia, you'll find its plentiful attractions far less-crowded than both Madrid and Barcelona. Add in its year-round warm climate, delicious food and pleasing mix of city and beach and you have plenty of reasons to browse eDreams for cheap hotels in Valencia. Another highlight of Valencia is its blend of old and new. Gothic and Renaissance monuments sit alongside Art Nouveau buildings from the early 20th-century. In Valencia's historic heart are the Catedral de Valencia, said to be the home of the Holy Grail and La Lonja. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the magnificent 15th-century La Lonja was once home to Valencia's silk trade. Valencia also showcases outstanding contemporary design at the Ciudad de las Arts y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences). These futuristic buildings are set in a shady park that winds its way to the city along the bed of a diverted river. Alongside all this wonderful architecture is a beautiful stretch of beach and a fertile hinterland of market gardens and rice fields. Along with the city's fishing industry, these provide the basics for Valencia's home-grown dish, paella. At least one paella must be eaten during every city visit.

What to see in Valencia?

La Lonja and the Catedral de Valencia both sit on the Plaza de la Reina and sport a wonderful mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style architecture. As well as the supposed Holy Grail chalice, the cathedral also contains outstanding works by Romantic painter, Goya. Before leaving the cathedral, climb the Micalet tower for photogenic city views. If souvenir shopping is on your itinerary, make sure to take a stroll along Calle Ruzafa and Calle Colón, admiring the beautiful buildings as you go. The Colón Market is an ideal stopping place for lunch. Try a refreshingly cold drink of traditional horchata made from crushed tiger nuts. In contrast to the grandeur of the Plaza de la Reina and its buildings is the old fishermen's district of Cabanyal-Canyamelar. The small houses lining its narrow streets feature beautiful facades of colourful tiles. Another must-see attraction in Valencia is the innovative Bioparc. Dedicated to conservation and education, the Bioparc focuses solely on endangered African species.

Where to stay in Valencia?

Although this is a large city, it's easy to enjoy its attractions wherever you book a hotel in Valencia. The commercial area centres around the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. There are imposing Modernista buildings here and some first-class shopping and restaurants, making it a popular area for hotel deals. Maybe the most fascinating area of the new town is Russafa. Compact yet trendy, Russafa has galleries, boutiques and vintage shops to entertain you during the day, and when the sun sets it buzzes with a nightlife of eateries and clubs. A highlight of any Valencia visit is the Ciudad de las Arts y las Ciencias. Designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, this vast white complex is home to an opera house, science museum, planetarium and the Oceanogràfic Marine Park with its walruses and sharks. Finally, if part of the attraction of Valencia is a traditional beach holiday, then book a hotel near La Malvarrosa. Very close to the city centre, this family-friendly beach is clean and safe with plenty of facilities. Valencia truly is a fascinating city and wherever you choose to book a hotel, you can use eDreams to search for your perfect hotel by location, room type, date and price.