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Jamaica is the fourth-largest island nation in the Caribbean and is just about 145 km south of Cuba. This country has reef-lined beaches, lush green landscapes and mountainous rainforests. Music and musicians from here have made their way to many countries in the world. With its tropical climate, there is a wealth of animals and plants that flourish in its ecosystem. Jamaicans take pride in their rums and beer with rum cocktails flowing freely. Plan your next holiday festivities amongst the Jamaicans in the white sands and pristine blue waters. Sangster International Airport and Norman Manley International Airport greet flights to Jamaica from all over the world. The primary carriers include Caribbean Airlines, United Airlinesand JetBlue Airways . Kingston is the bustling multi-ethnic capital city of Jamaica. This city is half an exotic jungle and the other half a business community enhanced by its natural harbor. Having a tropical climate, this city falls under the dry and wet spells for almost 6 months in a year. Kingston is ringed by the beautiful and exotic Blue Mountains and Red hills, and is a trekker's paradise or a driver's delight. And the city of Montego Bay is every traveler's dream. This place is surrounded by sunny beaches with plenty of water sports, gastronomic pleasures and the irresistible duty and tax-free shopping. Take a guided tour to Dunn's River Falls or the Island Gully Falls for a refreshing climb and view of the river.

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